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Think Like a Leader with Brian Tracy

Change your day to day habits to become a powerful motivator and achieve leadership success
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Table of contents


Many people who want to become leaders, achieve management roles, or improve their leadership skills go about it the wrong way. In order to lead other people, you must first set a foundation for your own success before inspiring and motivating others. In Think Like a Leader, Brian shows you how you can change your daily habits from the inside out to become a powerful motivator and ultimately achieve leadership success.
Become a leader in your workplace by harnessing the power of the 8 core pillars of effective leadership: Vision, Integrity, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Courage, Communication, Teamwork, and Action.
With these pillars you will:
•Gain a robust understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader
•Learn actionable daily practices to shift your mindset into a leadership mindset
•Grasp how each core pillar of leadership plays a crucial role in influencing others and leading a company to success
Leadership is not something you’re born with, it can be learned.
Whether you have been recently promoted to a leadership role, have your eye on a specific manager position, or are simply looking for the next step in your career, you probably have or will find yourself asking, “What can I do to lead my team to success?”
This course will introduce you to the core pillars that every great leader possesses and how to adapt them to set big goals, plan effectively, work with different types of personalities, create an engaging team environment, and most importantly, take action.
The interactive exercises within this course will help you define the type of leader you want to be, what great leadership should look like, and solutions for specific work scenarios you’ll face as a leader.
You’ll walk away from this course able to communicate powerfully to your colleagues, foster respectful and productive relationships, manage and delegate tasks efficiently, take action while weighing risks, and create clear goals for yourself and your organization.
In the demanding, ever-changing workplaces of today, it’s not enough to be a manager. You must truly learn how to be a leader – someone who influences and transforms how others feel about themselves and the work they do.
Take action and learn how to harness the power of motivational leadership today!

You will learn

✓ Master actionable strategies for reprogramming your mindset and achieving leadership success
✓ Create and track manageable business goals for yourself and your organization
✓ Master Strategic Planning, Communication, Teamwork, Vision, and other core skills great leaders have
✓ Establish better working relationships with colleagues, direct reports, and diverse groups of people
✓ Build confidence towards becoming a lifelong transformational leader both in the workplace and in your life


• A desire to become a better and more effective leader
• Involvement in an organization, whether it’s a place of work, a club, or a new business, where you want to grow and excel
• No prior knowledge of leadership required, but reading books and attending seminars in related topics are a plus

This course is for

• Anyone who wants to achieve a leadership role, typically in a workplace or organizational setting
• New managers interested in growing their skills and learning how to become great leaders
• Entrepreneurs looking to build their own businesses and create high-functioning workplaces

How much does the Think Like a Leader with Brian Tracy course cost? Is it worth it?

The course costs $199.99.
The average price is $19.9 of 460 Leadership courses. So this course is 905% more expensive than the average Leadership course on Udemy.

Does the Think Like a Leader with Brian Tracy course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, Think Like a Leader with Brian Tracy has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

At the moment we could not find an available scholarship for Think Like a Leader with Brian Tracy.

Who is the instructor? Is Brian Tracy a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

Brian Tracy has created 1 courses that got 3,270 reviews which are generally positive. Brian Tracy has taught 15,928 students and received a 4.5 average review out of 3,270 reviews. Depending on the information available, Brian Tracy is a TRUSTED instructor.
Thought Leader | Bestselling Author | Speaker | Entrepreneur
Brian Tracy is Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations.

Brian’s goal is to help you achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined.

Brian has over 30 years of expertise researching, writing, and speaking about business topics including leadership, public speaking, sales training, time management, and book writing and publishing. As a keynote speaker and seminar leader, he addresses more than 250,000 people each year, including the executives and staff of many of America’s largest corporations. Having led more than 5,000 seminars and workshops throughout the U.S. and 80 other countries worldwide, Brian focuses on helping his students create immediate changes and long-term results in their professional and personal lives.

Brian is the best-selling author of over 45 books, including Eat That Frog and No Excuses: The Power of Self-Discipline, that have been translated into dozens of languages. He has also written and produced more than 300 audio and video learning programs, including The Psychology of Achievement, which has been translated into more than 20 languages.

Prior to founding Brian Tracy International, Brian was the Chief Operating Officer of a $265 million dollar development company. He has had successful career tracks in sales and marketing, investing, and real estate development. He has consulted for more than 1,000 companies, partnering with several billion-dollar plus corporations in strategic planning and organizational development.

Brian has traveled and worked in over 80 countries on six continents, and speaks four languages. He is happily married with four children and is active in community and national affairs.


CourseMarks Score®







Platform: Udemy
Price: $199.99
Video: 3h 4m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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