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Thermodynamics for Engineering Students

A practical Approach
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Welcome to Gear institute
In This course we will learn about the concepts of Thermodynamics
We will start from very basic concepts
I teach in Hindi but i write all definitions in English
Thermodynamics is very interesting subject if we understand this kind of subject in practical way
This course will clear your all basic concepts along with numerical
I have used animation also to help student to clear their concepts
Thermodynamics is all about heat and work transfer
How we can use maximum amount of heat into work
and how work can be transfer into heat energy

You will get all video lectures,  for better and effective results..

The given subjects will be covered by Experienced Faculty Members in this course

For any queries regarding the course you can chat with us..

All the Best!
Study Smart with Gear Institute

The following topics I have covered in this course
I have divided the course in 2 parts
In this Part
I have covered the following topics
The basics of thermodynamics
all fundamental concepts of themodynamics
Introduction of Thermodynamics,
what is System,
what is Surroundings,
what is  Universe,
what are types of system

what are the Properties of system,
what is Intensive and Extensive Properties
what is Thermodynamics Equilibrium,
what is Quasi static Process,
what is the meaning of Reversible and Irreversible process

State of a system, Thermodynamics process, Thermodynamics Cycle
Definitions of Absolute Pressure- Gauge Pressure- Atmospheric Pressure and Vacuum Pressure
Laws of Perfect gases, Boyles law, charles law

Charles law, Characteristic Gas equation
Specific heat at constant volume, Specific heat at constant pressure
Thermodynamics Processes, Isochoric Process, Isobaric process
Isothermal process
Adiabatic process, Polytropic process
Isentropic process
First Law of Thermodynamics, Steady state Flow energy equation
Second law of Thermodynamic,

Third Law of Thermodynamics, Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics
Introduction to steam and its formation
Dry steam, Wet Steam, Superheated steam
Enthalpy of dry steam, Enthalpy of wet steam, Enthalpy of super heated steam
Expansion of steam
Enthalpy of steam numerical
entropy of steam numerical
steam table
Mollier diagram

You will learn

✓ Basics of Thermodynamics
✓ Laws of perfect gases
✓ Thermodynamics processes
✓ Laws of thermodynamics
✓ Properties of Steam


• No experience required

This course is for

• This course is for mechanical engineering students (specially for who want to prepare for junior engineer exam)
Gear Institute
I am an mechanical engineer
Currently working as a lecturer in an engineering college from last 10 years
I completed my Btech from Panjab university Chandigarh
Teaching is my passion
I want to help students in teaching weather its online or offline
i try to clear students basic concepts in engineering
I try to solve their problem also
Platform: Udemy
Video: 20h 10m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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