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The World of Warcraft Classic Alliance Leveling Guide

An Unofficial WoW Classic Guide
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Welcome to the Ultimate, Unofficial Classic WoW Alliance Leveling Guide. With this guide, you’ll save days off of your leveling time, getting you to 60 in the fastest time possible! This guide is designed for new players and veterans alike, and you’ll need it when faced with the difficulty of the original World of Warcraft. This guide contains both an outline of leveling by questing area and character level, as well as tips, tricks, secrets, and advanced techniques to speed up your leveling! If you want to quickly get into level 60 raids and dungeons, you’ll need this guide!

Why “World of Warcraft Classic”? Like many of you, I have fond memories of the original WoW and its Burning Crusade Expansion. I remember a time before instant gratification, achievements, and cross-realm group finder, where your reputation, skill as a player, and social connections mattered. When faced with the challenges of Azeroth, we all had to make friends and work together. With the return of classic WoW, we can all have that again: friendships that last beyond the game instead of gear that is recycled with each content patch. Classic Wow is about quality over quantity. While I have nearly 200 mounts on regular WoW, none feel as rewarding as my original level 60 mount.

With this series of Guides, you can become that legend again or become a new legend, in the most important MMORPG of our time.

You will learn

✓ A general leveling overview for the Alliance faction in WoW classic


• A general knowledge of computer gaming

This course is for

• Players looking to develop their own leveling route or improve their leveling times
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 18m
Language: English
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