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The Ultimate Zoom Crash Course: From Beginner to Pro

Easily Learn How to Participate and Host a Zoom Meeting in less than 1 Hour!
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Your Colleagues and Professional Contacts will think you have been using Zoom for Years!

Whether you are now working from home or need to meet with someone outside of your geographical area, Zoom should be your natural choice for your virtual meeting.

But with so many features and settings, diving head first into the technology can be confusing and even intimidating.

I created this tutorial to assist you in getting effortlessly acquainted with Zoom and clearly understanding how to operate the technology.

You do not need to be a computer expert to use Zoom or complete this course.

This course was designed to deliver the information in a way that a 4th grader could understand it.

It also offers straight-to-the-point instruction that you actually need to know, and holds back the boring fluff that is insignificant.

How I know this course will work for you….

Years ago, when I first introduced Zoom into my business, I was unsure where to start and spent days drilling through the technology trying to understand it.

Through much trial an error, I was finally ready to host a meeting… I thought! My first meeting was horrendous! And I actually embarrassed myself in front of a potential client.

I decided at the conclusion of that meeting that I was going to learn as much about Zoom as I could so that would never happen again. And I did!

Now, I am a Zoom expert and have comfortably hosted and participated in numerous Zoom meetings.

It is my hands-on experience with the technology that has positioned me into knowing what aspects of Zoom is important to understand to effectively participate in a meeting.

This course helps you avoid the mistakes I made as a beginner and catapults your understanding level of the technology so that you may start using Zoom immediately.

You will learn

✓ How to launch and properly set up a meeting
✓ How to professionally navigate your meeting controls
✓ How to choose the right type of account
✓ The best method for accessing Zoom
✓ Mistakes that you absolutely need to avoid
✓ Tips that can enhance your meeting experience


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This course is for

• Business Owners, Teachers, Students, and Non-Techie Beginners who want to start using Zoom
Internet Marketing Expert
Walter Henry is an Internet Marketing Expert and Growth Coach based out of the Los Angeles area of California. He helps small business owners and entrepreneurs build and grow their online presence through a variety of highly effective online marketing techniques, and helps individuals increase their potential through fundamental mindset improvement techniques.
Officially, he started his company, Arrow Marketing in 2010 to offer businesses affordable and reliable marketing products, but he actually got his start in 1999 when he began building websites as a hobby.As you can imagine, developing a website back then was very different than today. However, through his love for the internet, he continued to stay a student of the industry and worked hard on sharpening his craft.
Over the years, he has worked with numerous entrepreneurs and has had the advantage of seeing the habits, behaviors, and attitudes of both successful and non-successful business owners. Realizing wins and losses in his own life and recognizing their connection to character, Walter went on a great journey of introspective discovery and growth to improve his life. Today, he has a deep adoration for personal growth and development because of its transformative effects in his own life and those with whom he shared the knowledge.
He has a rich and colorful resume of internet marketing experience, ranging from affiliate marketing to online branding campaigns to S.A.A.S Projects. But his passion is in client-based services and helping people find fulfillment because he finds it rewarding to help those who struggle with technology, navigating the nuances of the internet, and finding general happiness.
Walter Henry enjoys helping and educating business owners on internet marketing and mindset growth, and loves to hear feedback from the community. Feel free to reach out to Walter at anytime to learn more about his background or how he can help transform your life or your brand.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 30m
Language: English
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