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The Ultimate Photoshop Elements Training Bundle – 64 Hours

Master Photoshop Elements with over 64 hours of training tutorials. Get ready to make your photos look magnificent!
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  “People thought my Photoshop purchase was a joke—that is, until they saw my photos!” 
Are you new to Photoshop Elements?  Do you need to learn what’s new in one of the latest software versions? Do you want to improve your images so they look spectacular? Now you can. You no longer need to take “the perfect shot” to get incredible results when you use Photoshop Elements. 
In our Ultimate Photoshop Elements Bundle, you’ll discover how to turn your photos into masterpieces. We combined 5 popular Adobe Photoshop Elements courses into one comprehensive bundle consisting of over 64 hours of training. 
Watch as your professional trainer shows you how to navigate the Adobe Photoshop Elements interface and introduces you to its enhanced features. Learn basic techniques for photo correction in addition to more advanced topics. Discover practical tips and tricks for retouching and enhancing images such as correcting skin blemishes and teeth color, clearing red eyes, using filters, fixing lighting exposure, and much more. 
Get ready to make your photos look amazing! 
  Courses Included with this Bundle: 
•Learn Photoshop Elements 2022 for Beginners – 3 hours of training
•Photoshop Elements 2019 Training: From Beginner to Pro – 14.5 hours of training
•Master Photoshop Elements 2018 and Get Creative – Today – 15 hours of video tutorials
•Master Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 – 14 hours of video tutorials
•Master Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 – 15 hours of video tutorials

Where else can you find so many hours of Photoshop Elements training? We truly take the mystery out of digital photo enhancement! You will gain tremendous peace of mind knowing your training needs will be covered for a very long time. 
Sign up and start learning today! 
  What people are saying:
“Everything is explained very well. I’m new to Elements, so this is very helpful. There is a lot of information in this course, things I didn’t know I needed. Can’t wait to learn it all. So glad I’m taking this course.” -Rosecrans Donna
“I had played on my own with PSE 14 and 15 for over a year, but I found this course really worthwhile as it took me through step by step so that it all hangs together so much better for me. I will certainly be dipping back into it to refresh my memory at times. The examples given. The Presenter Toby had obviously done his work in building a coherent flow that took you on a journey that was enhanced and made realistic by using his own images. Thank You. I guess you get it – i LOVED IT. ” -Jim Richardson
“Fantastic introduction to PSE12. I was a complete novice to Photoshop, and having struggled trying to understand it i decided to try an on line course. A few free Udemy courses assumed you knew about the principles already, so i wasn’t getting a proper grounding. This course answered all my needs!! The lecturer worked at ‘my pace’ and taught in a way that made it easy to understand and learn. Thanks for a Great Course.”- Peter Tripp 
  “I have always wanted to learn PSE! I enthusiastically bought the program and a book to teach myself with no problem, but learning it on my own just didn’t work. The program is just too overwhelming for a solo mission. The instructor has a pleasant voice and speaks clearly. Menu items and screens are explained in an orderly fashion that you can actually remember. I’m still taking the class and really like that I can go back and review something if I forget how to do it. Another thing I appreciate is the professionalism of the instructor. He is fast paced but then again very easy to follow along.”- Penny Owings 
  “Clear, beautifully spoken and right to the point. I love PSE but find it a challenge to keep up with all with the changes to the bells and whistles during upgrades. Simon Sez IT makes it so much easier” – John De Coque 
  “This course does just what I said in the title, provides a solid foundation for using Elements 10. I’ve been using Photoshop but I would always seem to run into problems performing some of the tasks i was interested in. This course has provided me the most useful instructions i have come across. Laid out with thorough, well-illustrated and easily understood lessons. This is the first course that I have ever used from Simon Sez, but I will certainly consider trying others. Thanks! – D.C. Davis
* This course was updated January 2019 with the PSE 2019 course added to the bundle.
* This course was updated January 2018 with the PSE 2018 course added to the bundle.

You will learn

✓ How to use Photoshop Elements versions 14, 15, 2018, 2019 and 2022.
✓ Learn how to turn your photos into masterpieces.
✓ Apply professional image editing and correction techniques to get incredible results.
✓ Sort and organize large collections to easily keep track of your images.
✓ Discover how to make retouches, composite images, and add text.
✓ Learn how to effectively create photo slideshows and other projects.
✓ Learn the basics of using “Layers” – one of the keys to enhancing your Photoshop skills.
✓ Learn practical retouching and enhancement techniques for your photos.
✓ Find out how to apply various styles and effects to your photos.
✓ Learn how to convert an image to black and white.
✓ Learn how to create special projects including calendars to share your creations with your friends and family.


• One of these versions of Adobe Elements: 14, 15, 2018, 2019 or 2022

This course is for

• Hobbyists, digital photographers, anyone with a large collection of digital photos.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 64h 15m
Language: English
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