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The Ultimate Gmail Productivity System For Business

Learn over 20 different strategies and tools to cut your time spent on email in half and massively increase productivity
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**UPDATED OCTOBER 2017** Called “the best course on email productivity + Gmail on Udemy”
Do you ever feel like EMAIL CONTROLS YOUR LIFE?
You know…like there’s those days where literally all you do is spend time in your inbox reading and respond to emails.
It’s like you’re a little email salmon swimming trying to fight the upstream inbox current.
I’ve got some amazing news for you….
This Gmail course has taught over 6000 people how to effectively manage their email to increase productivity and GET HOURS OF YOUR LIFE BACK EACH WEEK.
So wait…does that mean I can spend more time in the kiddie pool on the weekends and less time in my inbox!!!??? You betcha!
Just look at what all the incredibly good-looking people on the right who’ve reviewed this course and gave it 5 STARS have said….
By the end of this course you’ll learn the deepest, darkest secrets of Gmail that only the greatest email ninjas know, like:
•Specific tactics to spend dramatically less time in your inbox (and why that’s actually more productive!) •The best way to empty that inbox to zero like Speedy Gonzalez fast – BTW its super important to do that •Strategies to decrease the amount of mail you get. Yep, it’s possible •Tools to not only manage all your contacts and connections, but ones that will also help you write emails that are a like…A ZILLION TIMES more effective •20 different strategies and tools to be more productive with email So if you want to reclaim your SANITY, LIFE, OR TIME or just send emails to ANYONE…..or just want to be more productive…hear me out:

You will learn how to become an email PRO and save hours a week over 43 short videos created by yours truly.
If 43 vids sounds like a lot, don’t worry – you can totally go buffet style to pick and choose exactly what you want to learn…man I love buffets.
So this sounds pretty darn good right?
Then here’s whatchya need to do to start taking this Gmail Productivity course right now:
•Scroll back up to the top and click the “Take This Course” Button •If you’re already a member of Udemy, this will take you to the payment page – IF YOU’RE NOT, you will be prompted to sign up for Udemy (it’s really good and will never spam you so YOU SHOULD SIGN UP) •Enter in your credit card or Paypal details and press “Complete Purchase” (then do a little dance because you just made a great decision) •Udemy will confirm your purchase for $49.00 •You will immediately get access to the course and subsequently learn how to dominate email. •You’ll have to figure what to do with all this new time you have because you’ve GOTTEN SO GOOOOD AT MANAGING EMAIL I will personally respond to any questions you may have as you go through the course so there’s no worry if you’re not sure how to take all of the information and apply it to your life…
What are you waiting for? Sign up now!
Scott Britton – Productive Gmailer
P.S. The $49 price is an initial offering to build the students and positive reviews. I believe getting days of your life back and dramatically increasing your output is WORTH FAR MORE THAN THIS, so I plan on raising the price in the near future. If you want to take advantage of the initial price, I’d sign up sooner than later (Like now!)

You will learn

✓ By the end of this course, you will spend dramatically less time in email, receive less mail, understand tools to have more effective conversations, and increase the speed at which you get through your email.
✓ In this course you will learn how to manage your email more efficiently to increase your productivity and output


• People who use gmail will get the most out of this class. However, all people who spend a lot of time in email will get value out of this class.

This course is for

• This course is for people who want to increase their productivity and spend less time on email. Everyone from the email novice to expert will find value in this class.

How much does the The Ultimate Gmail Productivity System For Business course cost? Is it worth it?

The course costs $14.99. And currently there is a 82% discount on the original price of the course, which was $84.99. So you save $70 if you enroll the course now.
The average price is $15.0 of 25 Gmail Productivity courses. So this course is 0% cheaper than the average Gmail Productivity course on Udemy.

Does the The Ultimate Gmail Productivity System For Business course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, The Ultimate Gmail Productivity System For Business has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

Currently we could not find a scholarship for the The Ultimate Gmail Productivity System For Business course, but there is a $70 discount from the original price ($84.99). So the current price is just $14.99.

Who is the instructor? Is Scott Britton a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

Scott Britton has created 8 courses that got 4,942 reviews which are generally positive. Scott Britton has taught 99,437 students and received a 4.3 average review out of 4,942 reviews. Depending on the information available, Scott Britton is a TRUSTED instructor.
Co-Founder at Troops
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 31m
Language: English
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