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The Secrets of Your Mind & Mindfulness

Learn how to practise Mindfulness in the original and authentic way
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Welcome to The Secrets of Your Mind and Mindfulness, the second part of the Awakeness course. (***English subtitles are available for all elements of this course.)
You can learn this course on its own and you WILL learn a lot, but it’s highly recommend that you watch The Secrets of Your Mind & Meditation course first, as in this second course there are occasional references to things that you will only know about if you have already watched the The Secrets of Your Mind & Meditation. The references are most noticeable in the ‘homework’ after each session. You will notice that they assume that you know how to do certain techniques, such as Mini-Secret Meditations and Tranquility Meditation, which were taught in the first course. However, it IS possible to follow the vast majority of this course’s content independently, so don’t worry 🙂
You might think you already know how to meditate or you might think you only want to know how to practice Mindfulness correctly. But to really understand the true nature of your mind, develop its potential and increase the quality of your life dramatically, you need to understand how to do both.
You need to understand that Meditation forms the foundation for the later practice of Mindfulness. That’s why the course is split into two parts: Meditation & Mindfulness.
In this second part of the course, Mindfulness is taught in the original style, using many of the methods that are still used in Thailand today. Mindfulness has become very popular in the West in recent years but a lot of what is taught as Mindfulness is different from what was taught in Asia 2500 years ago and what is still taught in Theravada Buddhist countries such as Thailand.
In the first part of the Course (The Secrets of Your Mind & Meditation), you were introduced to The Naughty Little Boy, which is your own mind, and you were taught how to get him to rest by using The Magic Breath and Tranquility Meditation. You were then introduced to The 5 Bad Friends, The Meditation Stages, Secret Mini-Meditations and many other teachings and techniques that form the basis for Mindfulness practice.
In this second part of the course (The Secrets of Your Mind & Mindfulness), we will go much deeper and get to know more about The Naughty Little Boy, as well as learn about The 3 Types of Knowledge, The 5 Levels of Mindfulness, Intelligence vs Wisdom, The Hungry Mind, The Wall of Happiness, The Law of Karma, The Coloured Glasses, the If Clauses and many more important teachings and techniques.
You will be taken slowly, step-by-step through all the theory and teachings, by watching talks, participating in small workshops and completing ‘homeworks’ to help you practice and gradually develop your understanding and skills. If at any point you have any questions, you can send Sitang a message via the Udemy Messaging service and she will get back to right away. Subtitles in English are also available for the this course; to access them, please click the ‘cc’ button in the bottom right hand side of the video player.
Thank you for downloading this course and very best wishes for your Meditation and Mindfulness journey…

You will learn

✓ How to practise Mindfulness properly, in the original & authentic way
✓ How to Improve your relationship with yourself and others
✓ How to be more productive at work
✓ Understand more about your own mind and the minds of others
✓ Learn concepts such as: The 3 Types of Knowledge, The 5 Levels of Mindfulness, Intelligence vs Wisdom, The Hungry Mind, The Wall of Happiness, The Law of Karma, The Coloured Glasses, the If Clauses — and many more
✓ How to be more in control of your personal life
✓ Understand more about why things happen
✓ Understand more about what is happening in your body and mind
✓ Understand more about the brain
✓ Learn how to integrate a powerful mindfulness practice into your everyday life


• None.
• (However, it is recommended that students first enrol on Awakeness: The Secrets of Your Mind & Meditation course.)

This course is for

• Anyone who wants to be wiser and happier.
• This course will promote positive developments in both your personal and professional life.
Awakeness: Meditation. Mindfulness. Decoding.
My spiritual journey began when I was still a little girl, living in the middle of Bangkok, in Thailand. With my mother and father out working in the day and with only a selection of dusty books to keep me company, my school holidays and most weekends were usually spent reading at home, or in the home of relatives. That’s where I discovered a book called ‘Got Heng Gam’, an 800-page book about  the Law of Karma.
I read it from cover to cover, several times. 
​Even though I was only seven years old, that book made me think long and hard about what life was really about. I found myself asking the same questions over and over again: Why is happiness so temporary?  What happens when we die? How can I stop myself and those I love from suffering? 
Like most Thais, since I was very young I’d heard many stories about famous master monks who’d devoted most of their lives to meditation and developed all kinds of ‘magical’ powers and supernormal knowledge. I thought that perhaps practising meditation was the answer. . .
So, at 16 years old I attended a silent one-week meditation course. That week helped me to understand some of the basics, like how to make my mind more peaceful and powerful, but it wasn’t enough. That type of meditation only helped me to feel peaceful temporarily; I quickly realised that it couldn’t stop suffering and bring true happiness.  
Soon after that, I entered university and studied Law, which took up most of my time and left little space for spiritual pursuits. After another few years at university and a couple of high-powered jobs, I finally met my husband, Rick, who helps me to deliver some parts of the courses you see here. 
At that point, I should have been happy. It seemed I had tried everything that society teaches us will bring us happiness. I’d done all of things that everyone else does: I was married, had degrees from the best universities in the country, and had a good job. But I knew deep inside that it this still wasn’t the type of happiness I was looking for.
It was also at that time I realised two important things: firstly, that the only type of happiness the outside world can provide is short-term, temporary happiness – a fake kind of happiness; secondly, that lasting, permanent happiness – true happiness – can only be found on the inside, within our own mind, and only through a certain type of spiritual practice. 
So, from that point on I decided to commit myself to finding out everything I could about it. I read literally hundreds of books, sought out the best monks and teachers I could find, and practised meditation and mindfulness diligently for thousands of hours, year after year, until I finally found the answers to all my questions and understood the way to True Happiness. 
From there, I created Awakeness, a fully integrated programme that makes that path to True Happiness easy to understand for modern people in our modern world by encouraging them to look at and experience there life in a completely different way. By combining an understanding of the body, mind and way our universe works, and by presenting ancient wisdom in its original form as well as through modern science and with a modern lens, Awakeness teaches us how to see reality.
And when we can finally see reality, we are finally on the path to True Happiness.  
I’ve helped thousands of people discover this secret and totally transform their lives – and now I can share it with you.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 38m
Language: English
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