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The Reality Transurfing and Tufti Live Stroll Fundamentals

International Transurfing Institute by Renée Garcia
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 22m
Language: English
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Are you challenged by the same results over and over again, even though you have tried every self development course?

Do you find that even when you have great results initially that your success seems to diminish over time and you are back to where you started?

Enter Reality Transurfing. However, the book is over 800 pages long, full of counterintuitive concepts and a huge treasure trove of information! It is chock full of excellent information about how reality really works, but by the time you make it through the book, your head is spinning.

This is why #1 Transurfing expert Renee Garcia has created these modules into super simple explanations and exercises that you can use right way to achieve IMMEDIATE RESULTS.

She has spent over 5 years developing, honing, testing and re-testing every single concept and exercise in her courses that are guaranteed to give the results you have been looking for this whole time.

This powerful beginners course has put together the best of the basic written resources created for you by the International Transurfing Institute. Paired with the powerful 35 minute video created exclusively for Udemy students, are our ad-free audiobooks and our hard-hitting Tufti Live Stroll through a Movie Center Screen audio seminar. This course will not disappoint. We have included an incredible amount of bonus educational resources! This valuable, never before released package is  for those who have never heard of Reality Transurfing as well as for those want to connect with additional resources guaranteed to expand your understanding and application of Reality Transurfing.

What you will receive…

•30+ hours of high-quality, ad-free audiobooks! Both of these books: Reality Transurfing Steps I-V and Tufti Live Stroll Through a Movie have been professionally recorded into audio books that you can play from your phone, tablet or computer with internet connection
•The comprehensive Reality Transurfing Glossary
•A Reality Transurfing Checklist to ensure you stay on track
•Our exclusive 16 Guiding Steps of Reality Transurfing worksheet
•Our exclusive 35-minute video by expert Renée Garcia explaining the fundamentals of Reality Transurfing. (You will not want miss a single word!)
•Tufti Live Stroll Through a Movie Center Screen Seminar
•An invitation to join our exclusive private community who share their experiences, tips and tricks
•And MUCH More!

You will learn

✓ The Reality Transurfing Fundamentals via powerful ad free audiobooks
✓ The Fundamentals of Practical Transurfing
✓ The Induced Transition and The Wave of Fortune
✓ The Center Screen from Tufti Live Stroll Through a Movie
✓ How to Create the Life You Love Through Reality Transurfing


• No experience necessary, you will learn the basics here
• An open mind and the willingness to try new tactics and strategies

This course is for

• Those interested in Reality Transurfing, manifestation and creating your own reality
• Those have tried other self-development programs and still not living the life they want
Director of the International Transurfing Institute
Renee Garcia is a lifelong entrepreneur, Certified Reality Transurfing instructor, and an Alternatives Space adventurer – She is the director of the International Transurfing Institute and and start of Transurfingtv on Youtube.
Having ventured deeply into the metaphysical world of Reality Creation, she has transformed personal failure into success, poverty into abundance, sickness into healing, and a bleak perspective into one brimming with joy and magic. Renée has employed Reality Transurfing to discover fulfillment, true purpose in her life, and connect with the highest version of herself. With a self-built, practical methodology and magical wand in hand, she is now empowering others around the world to do so the same.
Her motto is, “Knowledge without application is merely entertainment.”
With a rapidly growing following of fellow “Transurfers” at her side, Renée brings to light the works of Vadim Zeland at home and worldwide. She has developed the official English language Reality Transurfing instructional program. This training serves as the backbone for The International Transurfing Institute, which she founded in 2016.

Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 22m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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