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The Premium Solar Energy Grid-Tie System Design (Unlimited)

Solar Energy Grid-Tie System With Unlimited Access To All Features
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Grid-tied solar systems – also known as on-grid solar – are the most popular kind of solar panel system. The beauty of a grid-tied solar system is that it creates a two-way relationship between your home and the grid. In addition to importing power from the grid (as you already do), you can *also* export power to it. This means that during the day – when your solar panels are producing plenty of surplus power – you can actually export (i.e. sell) power to the grid. Your power exports earn you bill credits from the utility, dramatically reducing your power bill. The savings can be huge: you could see electricity usage charges of $0 for the year.
This course is going to provide a smooth learning journey about the solar energy grid-tie system. you will get real-life experience as a bonus.

You will learn

✓ Types of solar energy grid-tie system
✓ How solar panels actually work
✓ The grid-tie inverters in the market now, that you can choose from
✓ How to build your own combiner box for less money
✓ How to design the whole system
✓ How to calculate the load
✓ Understanding your electricity bill
✓ When you should use the Grid-tie system
✓ What is Peak Sun Hours (PSH) and how to calculate it
✓ How to size wires
✓ Learn how to read the datasheet of solar modules as well as Grid-Tie inverter


• no prior knowledge needed
• I will walk you through it all

This course is for

• whoever interested in solar & renewable energies
• Entrepreneurs
• Homeowners
• Electricians
• Students
Engineer and Entrepreneur
I’m Mohamed Lamaachi, a renewable energy engineer. I worked with mega-companies in this sector. Till I decided to quit the job and build my own business, which was my best decision ever. Now, my company accomplished more than 130 projects in over 3 countries.
I want to help you to be part of the growing sector of green jobs that involve environmentally conscious production. Be one of the individuals that maximize the energy potential of clean energy sources including wind, and solar energy.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 20m
Language: English
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