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The Power of WOW

The Amazing Way to Create More Sales without being a pushy Salesperson
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So many times I hear, “I just want to let my clients run the session.”  Often times they spend the massage session learning about the client’s pets or kids and while building a rapport is important, it doesn’t always lead to rebooking.  This course teaches you how to build a rapport, gain your client’s trust, convey professionalism, and most important – Get Them to Come Back!

If you are like many, you are not a salesperson, nor do you want to be.  This course teaches you how to take control of the massage session and guide your clients into trusting you to take care of their massage needs.  By knowing how to ask questions, and then directing the conversation you can easily make rebooking their idea. You are simply making them aware of how beneficial massage is to health but in a very constructive way. 
With this course, you will learn easy-to-follow directions that put your client in the best position to take care of their massage needs and makes you the best person for them. that can only mean one thing – Rebookings! 

What you Can Expect from this Course:
•Assessment of your Massage Career
•Business vs. Practice Mindset
•Passive vs. Active Marketing – Why we do what we do
•Spending money to market, which, when and how much
•The Best Marketing Tool on the Planet
•How to make your massage sessions continuously lucrative
•Get Re-bookings without being a pushy salesperson
•Learning the Power of WOW Formula
•Getting your clients to ask the ‘Golden Question’
•Summing it all up – effect on your massage business

You will learn

✓ How to Effectively Use Your Massage Time to Rebook Clients without Being Pushy
✓ Learn How to Use the Massage Session to Market
✓ Get your Client to Ask You the “Golden Question”
✓ Get Rebooked Without Spending Money on Advertising


• Massage Therapists benefit the Most
• Even works for Shy Therapists who Hate Selling
• Perfect for those who don’t know what to say to promote your business.
• How to ‘plant the seed’ that clients need to rebook without being pushy.

This course is for

• Massage Therapists, Estheticians
• Anyone who works one on one with clients
• Anyone trying to rebook current clients and grow a business.
Business and Massage Therapist Coach, MTI, CE Provider
Susan Bell LMT, MTI, TX CE Provider
Susan is an Online Instructor and Business Coach helping Entrepreneurs, Massage Therapists and others find their path to creating thriving businesses. Bringing over 25 years of business and sales to her courses, Susan shares proven systems, sales techniques, and some fun with anyone.
Susan works with Entrepreneurs in all industries to help them create profitable, strategic sales platforms with Youtube and social media. 
Contact her anytime here in Udemy.  She’s always excited to share great information.

Massage Therapists
You can find Susan at Awesome Massage Coach in her closed Facebook coaching group. All massage therapists are welcome! 

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 37m
Language: English
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