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The Oracle Card Academy – Foundation

Oracle Card Reading from Grass Roots Up. Get Clear Answers from Your Oracle Cards Instantly in Every Reading.
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Master Oracle Card Reading with the Oracle Card Academy – Foundation 

•Do you want to become an awesome Oracle Card reader?
•How clear are Oracle Card meanings to you?
•How often do you turn immediately to the little instruction book inside the box?
•How often do you draw an Oracle card and have absolutely no idea what it means?
•How often do you ask for guidance and feel the frustration of having no clue what your Oracle card is trying to you?
How often do you draw an Oracle card  ……and then draw another immediately, because you don’t like the first one!   

How often do you ask the same question over and over again? 
If you have answered yes to one or more of the above, welcome.  I wrote this course for you

The Oracle Card Academy Foundation course will help you to become an Oracle Card master, with solid skills and expertise which will help you and help others too.

The Oracle Card Academy – Foundation is a course I teach from the grassroots up.

You will gain solid mastery and complete confidence instantly so that every time you reach for your Oracle Cards you will know what to ask and how to do it.

You do not need to be psychic or more clairvoyant to read Oracle Cards. You don’t need to be able to hear voices in your head or be intuitive in any way.

You’ll be reading Oracle Cards like a pro and receiving instant, pure guidance every single time you want it.

This is an absolute beginners course which will teach you everything you need to know :

•How to prepare yourself for an Oracle Card Reading
•How to create a clear and loving space for your readings
•How to choose Oracle Cards to add to your collection and to use in your readings
•How to welcome a new Oracle Card deck
•How to create a symbol for your pre-reading Oracle Card Blessing
•Step by Step pre-reading ‘Prep Steps’
•How to phrase your questions to get clear answers
•3 ‘Go To’ Oracle Card questions
•Activate Your Inner Wisdom 
•How to Interpret Oracle Cards with symbols and meanings
•The Meanings of colours in Oracle Cards
•How to make a choice with Oracle Cards
•How to carry out a Past, Present & Future reading
•How to clearing and Energising Your Oracle Cards
•How to do a 6 month Card Reading
•How to interpret more symbols in Oracle Cards
•How to interpret symbols that are new to you in a reading
•How your Week 1 Intentions are manifesting

In addition, it is my pleasure to share with you two visualisations :

“Creating Your Own Symbol for Powerful Oracle Card Readings”
“Activating Your Inner Wisdom”

And it’s a fun, easy to learn, very moorish, and quick way to build your card reading skills and receive clear guidance every single day.

This course offers you a solid and secure foundation full of all of the expertise and solid knowledge you need, to become a clear and effective Oracle Card reader.

Instant guidance, every time you reach for your Oracle Cards is yours.
I look forward to meeting you inside 🙂
With love always,
Ros xxx

“I just love this course.Ros’s enthusiasm is so contagious.” Crystal 
“Excellent!! Amazing!! Thank you!” Bruce Hilton
“Ros has a wonderful energy and spirit, the class is well-paced and clear, and I look forward to learning more from her.” Megan


You will learn

✓ • Provide clear and accurate Oracle Card readings
✓ • Identify the meanings of colours in Oracle Cards
✓ • Create a symbol to provide accurate readings
✓ • Interpret the symbols in Oracle Cards
✓ • Provide Past, Present and Future Card readings
✓ • Phrase your questions to get clear and instant answers
✓ • Activate your inner Wisdom
✓ • Energise and clear your Oracle Card decks
✓ • Prepare yourself to give a clear and accurate Oracle Card readings
✓ • Prepare your Oracle Cards for instant guidance


• You will need a deck of Oracle Cards – any kind of Oracle Cards you love will be perfect. I use two decks in this course which you may wish to purchase in order to make your connection with the course more personal. In the course, both of which are pictured in the course image. I use ‘Doreen Virtue – Archangel Oracle Cards’ and ‘Denise Linn – Gateway Oracle Cards’

This course is for

• This course is a grass roots up course, designed for absolute beginners and those wishing to become more expert at reading Oracle Cards.
Guardian Angel Communicator & Author
Ros Place is an international Guardian Angel Communicator and author from the south coast of England where she lives with her husband Eddie and two boys Zed and Mani.
Since childhood, the Angels have taught Ros powerful ways to work with their energy and receive clear Angelic guidance. Ros has helped countless people to develop a natural, strong, personal and effective relationship with the Angels and discover the fulfilment of their unique life purpose.
Ros offers you a spiritual journey which is personal and productive, filled to the brim with all of the teaching techniques and personal expereince which will lead you to your own personal success.  
In all of Ros’s spiritual development courses, she shares many of her own experiences to illustrate points and reach out to you authentically and in relatable ways. 
Ros specialises in empowering people to reach their full spiritual and personal potential and does so in remarkably human and relatable ways.
All of Ros’s courses are engaging, encouraging, easy to follow, clearly presented and full of the contagious love and passion she has for her subject.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 57m
Language: English
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