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The Online AP Chemistry Course

The Online AP Chemistry Course places an emphasis on challenging problem-solving questions and concise video lectures.
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You’re probably finding this page because you’re worried about taking the AP exam. Perhaps your frustrated with the existing online resources available, or maybe you’re having a difficult time keeping up in class. Contrary to popular belief, the chemistry exam is actually quite easy to do well in, and this course will provide you with the steps and tools to succeed on test day.

Hello everyone!
My name is Sunny and I’ve been a professional Chemistry tutor for the past 4 years. As a 5-scorer on the AP Chemistry Exam myself, I’ve invested over 800 hours in tutoring dozens of students for their AP chemistry courses/exam. In 2019 I started RhomiTutoring, which provides online 1-on-1 tutoring to students around the world. By far the most requested subject amongst my students was chemistry, and particularly Collegeboard’s Advanced Placement Chemistry. The combination of mathematics, problem solving, and memorization of the contest can make it daunting for many students.
At present, there are many educational videos you can find on the subject but few are structured in such a way that follows a detailed curriculum, and the vast majority don’t provide practice problems to students, or the practice problems are simply not at the level of difficulty that would be needed to achieve a 5.

That’s why this course was designed to have an emphasis on problem sets. It contains 6 broad topics, with each topic containing quizzes, lectures and 40+ exercises, along with 10+ hours of lectures and 12 problem sets.
1. Mathematical Foundation for Chemistry
2. Chemical History and Elements
3. Stoichiometry
4. Kinetics and Thermodynamics
5. Equilibrium
6. Acids and Bases

The Online AP Chemistry Course is not associated or endorsed by Collegeboard in any way.

You will learn

✓ All topics required to ace the College Board’s AP Chemistry Exam
✓ Scientific Method
✓ Units of Measurement
✓ Dimensional Analysis
✓ Uncertainty in Measurement
✓ Significant Figures
✓ Accuracy vs Precision
✓ Fundamental Chemical Laws
✓ Dalton, J.J. Thompson, and Ernest Rutherford
✓ Lewis and Rutherford Diagrams
✓ Groups and Periods on the Periodic Table of Elements
✓ Nomenclature (naming) of covalent and ionic compounds
✓ Polyatomic Ions
✓ Isotopes and Mass Numbers
✓ Avagadro and the Mole
✓ Percent Composition
✓ Empirical and Molecular Formula
✓ Balancing Chemical Equations
✓ Stoichioemtry
✓ Limiting and Excess Reagents


• No course prerequisites. Knowledge of chemical equations and basic arithmetic is helpful, but will be reviewed

This course is for

• Students looking to self study for the AP Chemistry exam
• First year university chemistry students
To Practice and Master
Rhomi Tutoring is a tutoring service based in the Greater Toronto Area, though it’s virtual tutoring lessons have serviced more than 130 students from all around the world. Rhomi Tutoring has shifted it’s tutoring principles onto Udemy where it creates courses that emphasize full practice and mastery.
At Rhomi we believe a student has fully learned a concept when they can connect it with other ideas, apply that knowledge to difficult problems, and therefore consolidating what they’ve learned for the rest of their academic career. That is why each of our Udemy courses has a huge focus on practice. Lots and lots of problem sets, hundreds of practice questions, and hours of videos dedicated to solving those challenging questions that tend to trick students up on tests.
This is because one of the biggest problems with the online course industry is the lack of availability for problem sets that allow students to hone their problem solving skills. All our courses keep this in mind. The most challenging questions have video lectures where we go step-by-step on how to solve them.
We also know for students that are taking online courses, having a course that has a logical and sequential flow of information is more important than anything, as it allows students to mind map topics together. Our courses are well adapted enough to accommodate every student’s learning pace, as well as be broad enough to foster each specific student’s learning style.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 6h 24m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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