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The Music Industry Behind Closed Doors and How to get Signed

Music Industry Business. How the Music Industry Really Works in Practice, with Insider Tips and Secrets.
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A completely NEW course by a real insider showing musicians how the MUSIC INDUSTRY REALLY WORKSand giving you insider tips, secrets and short cuts to success!
Are you fed up with the right doors not opening for your music? Do you want to know how the music industry really works? 
I’ve secured many, many record deals for my artists and many of my artists have tens of millions of paid streams and we turn down offers of record deals.
Having great music isn’t enough – arm yourself with the knowledge you need to put yourself ahead of all the other unsigned artists…
✅You will see how A&R really works…. The internal politics of A&R departments behind closed doors and my tips to get A&Rs chasing you and then what to do to get a great deal.
✅You are going to understand how record deals really work and I’m going to show you what happens when a deal gets competitive and multiple labels want to sign you.
✅You are going to learn the difference between live agents and promoters and how to get support tours and how to get festivals. Plus how to make money live and how to get your label to fund you when you need tour support.
✅You’re going to learn how to get a manager, not just any manager but the right manager. You are going to learn the pros and cons of big management companies vs solo managers. 
✅You’re going to learn how major and indie labels actually work in practice and not on paper. What the different departments do. When to use in-house promotion versus out of house promotion. 
✅You will find out the importance of lawyers and how they broker and shop deals
✅You need to make the music amazing, and I will teach you how to attract and get the right producer to do this. I will teach you about the kind of deals you should strike with producers and mixers and how to do backend deals. Plus the pros and cons of production deals.
✅You will learn about music publishing and the difference between publishing and label A&R. You will learn what a publisher does, how the deals work and what an ‘Admin’ deal is.
The course is divided into 10 very easy to follow sections:
1.     Course Introduction
2.     A&R
3.     Managers
4.     Lawyers
5.     Record Labels
6.     Live
7.     Publishers
8.     Accountants and Insurance
9.     Getting the Music Right
10.   Artist Well Being

You will learn

✓ Do you wonder why other artists are getting breaks and you are not? I’ve spent two decades as an insider in the music industry and I want to give you tips and secrets to open doors and know how it really works


• There are no prerequisites or requirements

This course is for

• A course for musicians, artists, rappers, producers and anyone who wants to work and be in the music industry,
Music Industry Insider
I currently still actively work in the music industry and have therefore decided to conceal my identity so that I can give you all the best bits of information. To do this I have decided to use the pseudonym ‘John Doe – Music Industry Insider’. I have set 3 of the lessons from the course FREE (no cost at all to you), so that you can watch them ahead of purchasing the course. This will allow you to see that I have insights into the music industry that will hugely help your career. It will give you confidence to know I am for real and will give you insights into how the music industry really works, as well as giving you tips and techniques that I use for my artists and teaching you all the inside knowledge that you need to know to supercharge your career. Although I have saved all of the best bits in the course for later, I hope the free lessons allow you to see the value the course will deliver to students.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 42m
Language: English
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