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The Home Menders Complete Home Repair Specialist course

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Hi Home Menders!
Im so excited to be bringing you the Home Menders e-course. With it you will become the complete Home repair specialist able to repair just about everything under the roof, and the roof too.

M. Mastering Floors “Start at the bottom” We cover all different types of flooring and prep, needed flooring tools and order of operations.
E. Easy Home Repairs “A Basic homeowner guide” Covers all those things a homeowner should know about their homes including plumbing repairs, electrical repairs and disposals.
N. New Kitchen and Bath “The BIG sellers” cabinet placement and install, bathroom renovations, hoods and microwaves and everything countertops.
D. Drywall and Ceilings ” Finish strong “ I take the mystery out of drywalling with installation, how to skim coat, wall tools made easy and the different products to help you finish strong
E. Exterior Projects “ Under the sun” Tackles how to keep a home looking its best from the curb. Exterior Anatomy of the home, rotted wood replacement, decks and fences, roof and gutter and all things touching the outside.
R. Remedy Doors “ The Ins and Outs” is Your guide to repair or replace any door in the home, whether slider or hinged, exterior or interior and all the tweeks to ensure that door’s proper operation when you’re finished

Mastering Floors “start and the bottom”
In Mastering floors, We start at the bottom. this section will teach you all about the different floor coverings available such as laminate, vinyl , tile and wood and the methods required for installation depending on the sub floor you are working with. The idea of a new floor is to make it look like the floor went in first. You will learn the order of operations for removing and replacing a floor, how to trim out that floor and then transitioning it to another. You will learn about the pre install preparation of each material needed to ensure an awesome finished product and also how to correct issues such as a rotted subfloor. We will also discuss the different tools required for flooring jobs, which ones are worth investing in and which are not.
Sheet Vinyl
Peel and Stick Tile
Tile Ceramic
Vinyl plank
Refinishing wood
Subfloor Repair
Basic floor Operation
Trim and Transitions
Flooring Tools
Squeaky Floors

Easy Home Repair “ a basic homeowner guide”
You’ll learn how to fix just about anything already contained in a home. This section is the handyman’s playbook and could be a business all it’s own. In it you’ll learn how to troubleshoot Simple plumbing repairs that homeowners pay 100 dollars per call for such as toilet repair and replacement, faucet rebuild and leak repair. You’ll learn how to rebuild shower assemblies to correct drips and snake out drains. You will also learn how to repair and replace garbage disposals, common issues with garage door openers, how to replace lights and fans and also change out electrical plugs and switches. We’ve got a lot to learn here.
Simple Plumbing
Wax Ring
Fill Valve
Flush Valve, Flapper and Tank to Bowl Gasket
Tank Bolts
Flush Handle
Toilet Supply Line
Cut off Valves
Garbage Disposal
Garage Door Opener
Switches and Plugs
3-way Switch
Lights and Fans
Sink Clogs

New Kitchen and Bath “the BIG sellers”
You will master measuring and Laying out cabinets and how they relate to your flooring. You learn how to make that new kitchen look and feel new with range hood vs over the range microwave install and how to convert one to the other. You will grasp how to measure counter tops, their placement and the finishing elements that counter tops require to produce a professional quality install. You will learn kitchen sink install as well as plumbing shortcuts to adding a dishwasher. We then get into the bathroom renos, with cabinet install, sinks and faucets, toilet install and vinyl tub surround replacement. You will also master which caulking is needed to finish which areas and how to produce an excellent finished product.
Laying out the cabinets
Wall Repairs
Wall Cabinets
Base Cabinets
Range Hood
Over the Range Microwave
Bathroom Install
Toilet Install
Tub Surround Replacement

Drywall and Ceiling “Finish Strong”
Drywall and ceiling, I help take the mystery out of the science. You will learn about different drywall and their uses, the products used to finish and how to apply them. You will learn about the tools required to drywall, the order of operations and the practices it takes to produce quality. We cover skim coating ( applying drywall compound or mud to the wall), installing inside and outside corners finishing and different methods of texturing. You will also master drywall repairs and how to make them virtually invisible with time saving (and money saving) tips and tricks to help you finish strong.
Order of Operations
Skim Coating
Tips and Tricks

Exterior Projects “Under the sun”
Exterior projects are some of my favorites. They keep your home looking nice, help keep water out and add tremendous curb appeal. Some projects add value to the house, some are just for fun and others help protect the home from wood rot.
In  Exterior projects , we cover everything under the sun. You’ll learn first the anatomy of a house, what each component is called so you can address anything that is needed. You’ll learn about Everything touching the outside of the home such as siding, fascia and soffits, roof repairs and how to stop rain from entering the home. You’ll master decking, stairs and railings, fence repair and replacement. You will learn how to look at a home and discover the preventive maintenance items it needs, like addressing gutter issues, correcting wood rot and keeping birds and pests out of your dryer and exhaust vents.
Dryer Vents
Wood Rot
Stairs and Railings
Anatomy of a House

Remedy Doors “ The ins and outs”
Any home repair specialist should be able to remedy doors. Doors are everywhere. They’re in every room of the house, on every deck and enter every garage. Knowing how to handle yourself when it comes to doors, hinges on you being open to the ins and outs.
In Remedy doors, you will learn about all door types and styles, weather pre hung, split jamb, slider, bifold or hinged. You will be made familiar with the anatomy of an interior door and exterior door, locksets included. You will master weathersteripping and sweeps and how to install an exterior door by yourself and with ease. You will also grasp how to repair any door issue, including doors rubbing jambs, when hinge holes are too bored out and eliminating daylight seen from inside an exterior door. Also known as the door master module, your confidence in door repair and installation will soar.
Door Type and Style
Anatomy of a Door
Interior Doors
Hinged Doors
Slider Doors
Bi-fold Doors
Barn Doors
Exterior Doors
Sliding Glass Doors
French Doors
Storm Doors
Anatomy of an Entry Door
Weather-stripping and Sweeps
Remedy Tips, secret door fixes
Threshold Raise
The Foam Wedge
Rubbing Doors
Hinges Bored Out
Opposites Work
Exterior Door not Sealing
Repairing Hollow Core
Door Jamb Build Out
Hinge Pin Removal
With access to all this info you are sure to become master of your domain. , or turn your side hustle into a six figure business. If you are already in the repair and construction field, you are already making this kind of money but for someone else. The difference between you and them is the courage to step out and do something great for yourself and your family. Using this course as a guide ensures a solid return on your investment. Some will have the return in a matter of weeks, some in a few months but the return will come swiftly. You have the gift, now you need guidance on growing and nurturing that gift. I’m going to show you how! Let’s get to it!

You will learn

✓ All about Home Repair
✓ toilet repair and replacement
✓ easy plumbing repairs
✓ light switch and plug replacement
✓ lighting and fan installation


• Be ready to master your domain.

This course is for

• Home Owners, handyman, and do-it-yourselfers
• Anyone wishing to become master of their domain
Home Repair Specialist
Dustin has had a passion for tools ever since he can remember. Although not an ideal child’s toy, Dustin prefered hammer and nails to dinosaurs and trucks. As a young man he landed work as a building operator at the dorms of a university. He then moved onto residential repairs and renovations..After moving to Virginia Beach, he worked in home exteriors. This array of experience helped him become a complete home repair specialist. That’s when home mender incorporated was born.

Dustin operated the home repair company in Hampton roads Virginia for over a decade when he began filming and creating “ how to” videos for the home mender youtube channel. His cut to the chase style and humorous delivery has helped countless home owners and tradesman gain the confidence to do it themselves. With over twenty years of experience, that’s a lot of homes mended. Not only are viewers saving money on their investment but they can now take care of what’s needed in the home while some beginners and tradesmen have felt empowered to start their own home repair companies. Let’s get to it!
Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 21m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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