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The Growth Mindset Course

See your potential. Open up opportunities. Connect with others on a deeper level. Master motivation. Be you.
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Table of contents


What will I get? You will…
•believe that you can grow and develop.
•see many more personal and professional opportunities.
•develop techniques to overcome difficulties of any type.
•know how to support the development of a growth mindset in others.
•finally understand why people do what they do (and become less judgemental).
•activate techniques to reap the most from your perfectionism without suffering from it.
•master motivation and set goals that propel you towards your ideal outcome.

Based on my scientific review “Growth Mindset Interventions: Lessons from Across Domains”, I have created this course. Therefore, it is science-based yet practical and easy to understand! I can assure you that I’ve done my best to offer you a practical application of the Growth Mindset – be it for developing it in yourself or in others.
Additional to the scientific backbone of the course, I’ve also added my own insights and that of my coaching clients to enrichen the often somewhat dry scientific language. In the past, I’ve received feedback that my lectures weren’t as engaging and I’ve worked a lot on that – you’ll see! ?
Check out the topics below and browse the preview videos to get a better understanding of the content. If you have any questions, get in touch with my via jorim@emergetoprosper.com

What are the topics?
Lecture 1
Lecture 2
•Praise and Critique
•Positive Rephrasing
•Goal Setting
Lecture 3
•Action Motivation
Lecture 4
Lecture 5
•Limiting Beliefs
•Fear of Failure
Lecture 6


Also included:
•Short Quizzes ❓
•Reflection Assignments ?
•PDF Summaries ?
•Auto-generated subtitles in English
•… and I will answer all your additional questions by email!

You will learn

✓ You’ll start seeing all the possibilities in your life!
✓ You’ll believe in your own (practically) unlimited potential!
✓ You’ll understand how the brain works with a focus on neuroanatomy and -plasticity!
✓ You’ll understand why people do what they do (and thereby be less judgemental)!
✓ You’ll learn how to praise others to raise their self-esteem (great for parenting!)!
✓ You’ll learn how to reap the most benefit from your perfectionism without suffering from it!
✓ You’ll understand motivation in a different way and set goals that propel you towards how you want to be in life!


• No prior knowledge is necessary. We take off at the basics and progress gradually into advanced territory.
• I make neuroanatomy very simple, focusing only on the things that are actually necessary for understanding. Additionally, I use graphics to make clear what I’m talking about.
• You can download the lecture videos for when you don’t have internet and I’ve included summary PDFs.

This course is for

• People who want to tap into their potential
• Students who struggle with learning
• Parents who want to raise confident children
• People who feel stuck
• Language learners
Coach, Psychologist, University Lecturer
I challenge myself to be a role model. I challenge myself to be the change I want to see in the world. I challenge myself to be myself.

I am passionate about education. For me, the most important attitude in education is that I do not give you the knowledge; I help you think, reflect, and create knowledge yourself. Because that is how you truly learn something.
When working as a University lecturer, I stay true to this by being very interactive, engaging, and spontaneous and in that way able to respond to whatever my MSc Psychology students bring me.
In the workshops I deliver I usually incorporate a lot of discussion, which, unfortunately, is kind of restricted on Udemy. But I make sure to spark your thinking in other ways.
When working as a psychologist and life coach, I focus on making my clients realise the answers to their questions themselves and provide anecdotal stories to give them some ideas.
The underlying mission in all of my work is to help people connect more with themselves and with others. Experiencing a high level of connection, we are able to far exceed what we previously thought we were capable of. Want to join?
All the best,
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 32m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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