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The Creative Process of Making Art

Create Artistic Masterpieces through Basic Foundations of Art
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Art is available for anyone who has the passion, creativity, and desire to bring their visions/inspirations/ideas to life. It is a hobby for many, a way of life, and livelihood for others. In this course, I share the basic principles that artists use as the cornerstone of their work, and interpretive messages behind creating art. With various material choices, color symbolism, and the ability to create textures and patterns you will learn about manifesting the ideas and resources needed for all of your projects. The foundations of art, once understood and mastered, set the stage for executing any possible idea you may have.
The other component of this course is intuition and inspiration. Without trust in yourself, and your inclinations, art cannot happen. Doubting your feelings actually kills the artistic and creative drive. You will learn how to listen to your gut as you learn about “the tools of the trade” that open the door for creativity, and putting artistic principles into practice.
By the end of the course, you will have multiple strategies to help you create inspiring works of art, and feel a sense of confidence to share it with others as a showcase of your ability, a gift, or a sellable product!
Also a Bonus, I teach you about graphic design techniques and show you how to create art in PicMonkey!

You will learn

✓ Creative process of making art
✓ How to be creative or artistic
✓ How to use intuition to guide creativity and art


• An open mind

This course is for

• Beginner or Amateur artists
• People wanting to become more creative
• Older women who want to express themselves
• Trauma survivors who want to express themselves through art
Educator Inspiring Creativity and Authenticity
Hello! My name is Justine Quammie. Since childhood I have had an affinity and passion for art. Starting with art classes in school, I graduated to a free-form expression through abstract art.
With a BA in English, and a Teaching Certificate from Sacred Heart University, my focus in life is empowering people through creativity, skill mastery, and liberal arts or humanities. In my classes, I bring the same amount of passion and skill to lesson planning as I do to my artistic creations.
My blog, “Quammie Creative Courses” and IG handle, @forloveofwriting feature work I created either on canvas or the graphic design platform, PicMonkey. Also, in 2017 and 2018, I self-published 2 books of poetry on Amazon, titled, “Tributes and Metaphors,” and “#truthchapters: A Collection of Creative Writing” using art techniques for my covers.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 46m
Language: English
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