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The MOST Extensive, (81 hrs) Accredited, Art Therapy Course

510 Art Therapy exercises! Oxford Diploma: Heal yourself : heal others by using Art Therapy. 17 courses in ONE!
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Three very very important points:
1. This course does not qualify the recipient to perform any form of therapy or counselling for any other person. Qualifying to be an Art Therapist takes 4 years study, a degree and plenty of practice.
2. This course will not teach you HOW to paint; HOW to make models; HOW to conquer pottery etc. This is an Art THERAPY course and it is the process that is important
3. If you buy and enrol on this course you will never need to pay for any of my courses again. (See Bonus Video)

A new manuals has been added listing – by lecture – all the links in the course

*****                                *****           TEN NEW LECTURES WERE ADDED IN DECEMBER 2021       *****                   *****                   *****             
Important notice: This course is run as a huge class. There are 4000 posts in the Q/A as people post their work, discuss theories, case studies, Art Therapy Exercises and then share the artwork done. If you do not like discussion and participation then this is not for you but if you like this unique approach – 60 posts a day! – and want to be part of a large ‘family’ then enrol.
Note: Course image submitted by a student on the course.
Much of the information, case studies and examples in this course are nowhere else on the internet. So a lot of this work (but not all) is ORIGINAL. Where appropriate, published studies are references and websites linked to.
Another real strength of this course is the degree of participation in the Q/A section as people show how they really enjoy studying on this course, posting examples etc. Questions are quickly commented on and the overall ethos is to share and learn…and enjoy…
1. Please watch me first. This introduces you to how the course is run and the importance of posting in threads. (There are 1400+ discussions!)
2. Maximising your enjoyment of the course
3. The Oxford Diploma. The Diploma awarded (if you meet the extensive criteria) by the Oxford School of Learning. (It’s at no extra cost!)
4. (Optional) 7 day English course
5. Art Therapy
6. Art Therapy on Set – Art Therapy exercises on a film set.
7. Distress Tolerance (DBT)
8. The Joy of 22 (Art Therapy Exercises)
9. Art Therapy and the Solar System
10. Art Therapy and Stress
11. A man, a van and art therapy
12. 31-day Art Therapy Challenge!
13. Art Therapy and Telehealth
14. (Optional) September Blues
15. Art Therapy for the Homeworker
16. COVID and Art Therapy
17. Optimism
18. ‘Positive’ reviews
19. Silver Lining
20. Masks
21. Student successes!
22. FAQ
23. Meditation
24. Nature
25. Learning and Mind Maps
26. (Optional) Improving your English
27. (Optional) 12 Days of Christmas
28. By students; for students. (Student Artwork)
29. The M.I.R.A.N.D.A. Effect
30. Bonus video.
FOURTEEN Workbooks as follows:
•125 page Workbook which includes analysis of paintings submitted by students on this course.
•Christmas Art Therapy
•Hygge stop-doing
•Art Therapy
•Viewing art
•Art therapy and Depression
•Making or just doing
•Art Therapy, Anxiety and Depression
•Art Therapy and Mindfulness
•Coping with the 2020s
•Make the 2020 one of joy
•30 day challenge
•Art and Anxiety

Latest review:
“This is a phenomenal instructor and the course is exceptional. The instructor has a very soothing voice which creates a very comfortable learning environment. The way the material is presented in this class is very refreshing, authentic and inspiring. Everything is clearly laid out. This has been one of my favorite classes I’ve taken on Udemy so far. I highly recommend this class to anybody who would like to learn more about mindful art therapy.”
– Marie Pi
This is a course unique on Udemy.
Not because of content – many courses have’therapy’ as part of the curriculum. What makes this course unique is the use of films and plays – in which the Instructor acts/writes/directs – that have been shown at festivals and/or performed in London UK, Poland, Czech Republic and at fringe festivals in the UK
By the use of theatre/film we explore the use of painting and art as a whole, in dealing with depression. BUT we also look at MANY examples of Art Therapy exercises. (500+)
The content is part anecdotal – using the Instructor’s experience as a theatre director and actor in films – and part based on research. Published studies are referred to, in support of the points made.
So this is a course for those who are academically interested but also those who wish to try and experience how art therapy may be used to overcome depression.
A special section on Art Therapy Resources and also Becoming an Art Therapist

You will learn

✓ Through the (3800) discussions – the potential is unlimited!
✓ 500+ art therapy exercises!
✓ Virtual Reality and Art Therapy
✓ A combination of DBT and Art therapy skills to improve mental and emotional health
✓ How art therapy helps you resolve complicated feelings, or find ways to live with them
✓ How to achieve the Oxford Diploma in Art Therapy
✓ Using a film as an example, how painting is therapeutic
✓ 55 Practical exercises done in real time
✓ How art therapy helps you communicate and express yourself,
✓ Art therapy and Mental Health
✓ Fundamentally you will learn about yourself – and how to heal
✓ Art Therapy and astronomy
✓ How to become an Art Therapist (see workbook)
✓ 22 workbooks in total
✓ ASMR and Art Therapy
✓ Free access to an International Art competition


• None but it would help to have a printer for the workbooks

This course is for

• All interested in Personal Development
• Anyone interested in using art for therapeutic purposes
• Anyone who needs cheering up!
• Any Art Therapist looking for ideas!
• Students looking for a thorough course that, on completion, will leave you feeling you’ve achieved a lot, learnt a lot – and enjoyed yourself!
Best selling Instructor, author, actor…volunteer
35+ years experience teaching in schools, universities and other colleges – State and Private Sector. Appeared in 100+ films (including corporate training and fitness videos). 100+ books on Amazon. Featured by the BBC, Polish TV, The Times, The Telegraph and…The Sun.

Studied at:

· University of Oxford (Philosophy and Economics)

· Oxford Brookes (Teacher training)

· University of Glamorgan (Business and Economics)


· Professional qualifications at Masters level

· Business and Economics degree

· Examiner for four major examining boards, at ‘O’ and ‘A’ level.

· Three teaching diplomas plus CELTA

· Qualified fitness trainer

Key academic positions held:

· Principal Oxford School of Learning

· Director of Studies: St Joseph’s Hall, Oxford

· Head of Economics: Cherwell Tutors

· Head of Business and Economics: Pipers Corner School, Buckingham

Founder: Almost Random Theatre

Business and Economics background

Set up and ran Oxford Conferences and ran 50+ Business/Economics conferences at schools – all fees to charity

Amazon Business/Economics books include:

Titles include:

· Case studies for Business

· Time management for teachers

· Creativity techniques in Economics

· Drucker in Business Studies

· Creativity in Business

· Business calculations

· Further applications of de Bono

· Applying de Bono

· Philosophy Games

Taught students at the University of Oxford , Brookes University and schools in the state and independent sector

Principal of Oxford School of Learning for 15 years

Created OSL Training and trained Business, Psychology and Sociology teachers

Set up Marketing Education Services in the 1980s and sold cassette tape recordings of my lectures at the University of Oxford

Featured in The Times, The Telegraph, the BBC, ITV and Polish national television owing to the success of my teaching techniques and subsequent success of my students.

Ex-Buyer for a major car company

Psychology and Motivation background

Author of 100+ books on Amazon (mainly Business/Economics/Psychology) including:

· GCSE Psychology thru Mind Maps

· AS/A2 Psychology

· AS Psychology thru Mind Maps

· A2 Psychology thru Mind Maps

· Lifestyle Plan

· The Internet and Psychology

Through his own business OSL Training has run training courses for teachers of Psychology

Writer of several plays about death and appeared in films dealing with death

Theatre and Film Career

· 2012 – set up Almost Random Theatre.

· Since 2012 the theatre has delivered workshops in Scotland, Wales, Czech Republic and Poland as well as 15 schools in England.

· Chris has written/directed over 50 short and 3 one-Act plays that have subsequently been performed in London and Oxford.

· Scripts for three of his plays have been sold, via an Independent publisher, to schools in the UK.

· Course-creator/author of Coping with Old Age and Death – one person’s perspective.

· He has also had plays put on – and performed in – Oxford and Brighton Fringes, London, Scotland and Wales.

· Chris has appeared in over 112 films.

Charity/Wellbeing work

· Ambassador for Heart UK

· Stoke Lead and member of Research panel for the Stroke Association

· Board member of Stroke Club UK

· Member of Different Strokes (charity)

· Member of PHC (Public Health Collaboration) UK

· Author of 6-volume Lifestyle Manual

· Author of other Lifestyle books on Amazon

· Originator of the Holman Protocol

Nothing in any of Chris’s courses should be interpreted as linking to or representing any of the above stroke organisations.

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