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The Complete Microservices With Java

Build java microservice from scratch using dropwizard framework, and deploy your microservice to different environments.
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In this course you’ll learn how to create a simple microservice using Java programming language and Dropwizard.
Dropwizard is a popular framework to build RESTful APIs and microservices. The course begins with a brief introduction to microservices VS monolith architectural styles and microservices design principles.
In this course, you will build a locations microservice which will host a predefined list of locations like Amazon FBA locations, this will be done by creating a REST API’s for CRUD operations (create, read, update, delete), and you will learn how to connect our microservice with mysql database locally, and also how to configure phpmyadmin in order to interact with locations database.
After that you will learn how to decorize you microservice with docker and create a docker image of locations microservices, and you will learn how deploy the microservice to docker environment and how to create applications containers and connect them with each other.
Also, you will learn about kubernetes (k8s), and how to configure k8s on your local machine, and create deployment descriptors (YAML) files, in order to deploy the microservice to local k8s cluster.
And finally, you’ll learn how to create a google cloud account and configure google kubernete engine, google cloud sql, cloud sql credentials, push docker images to google container registry, Then deploy your microservice there.
In this course we will depend on gradle build tool, in order to automate our development process and save our time!
The goal of this course is to serve as a practical guide through the dropwizard framework, so you can see how it’s used to implement microservice based architecture.
By the time you finish this course, you will have gained the ability to articulate what the Microservices architectural style is all about, including its advantages and disadvantages, docker and kubernetes.
You will gain familiarity with dropwizard, and you’ll see how to use it to build microservices, REST API’s.
Is This For You?

•Do you want to build useful microservices?•Are you afraid of not being able to create good microservices?•Do you think you will feel proud creating the microservices that will be used every day and help others to work more effectively?Then this course will definitely help you.
The course currently consists of 54 lectures and 7 hours of video. After taking this course you’ll be able to start developing microservices. So let’s get started!

You will learn

✓ Familiarize yourself with the microservices architecture and its benefits
✓ Use dropwizard to develop microservices
✓ Create a database backed RESTlike API using Dropwizard
✓ Learn how to use database migrations with dropwizard application
✓ Learn how to create gradle tasks to automate out developing process
✓ Learn docker, docker-compose.
✓ Deploy our microservice to docker environment.
✓ Learn kubernetes
✓ Deploy our microservice to kubernetes locally.
✓ Create and configure google kubernetes engine clusters
✓ Create cloudSql instance, credentials and link them with out microservice
✓ Deploy microservice to google kubernetes engine
✓ Create docker images and push them to google container registry


• A PC or MAC
• Basic knowledge in java and mysql
• Ability to install java, gradle, IDE, docker, kubernetes
• Basic knowledge in docker and kubernetes is helpful, but not required.
• Basic knowledge in gradle build tool is helpful, but not required.

This course is for

• Intended for Java software developers
• Software Developers
• Web Developers
• Programmers
• NOT intended for beginners. However, depending on your technical experience in other technologies, and your learning style, you may find this course a fascinating deep-dive into Microservices, dropwizard, docker, kubernetes applications.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 7h 7m
Language: English
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