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The complete Headache guide Remove the Headache not the Head

A guide to Headache for the common man. Covers how different Headache types are formed, prevented, treated and more
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Can you mention a person who didn’t suffer from Headache his whole life ? your answer is probably: NO
Can you mention a person who suffers continually from headaches and is struggling with different treatment options to the point of frustration ? your answer is probably: Yes
Headache is among the most common reasons patients seek medical attention, about 90% of all adults experienced headache at some time in their lives, and over 75% of children have complained of headaches by the age of 15 years, knowing that, we can explain the huge costs and the devastating negative effects on quality of life headache cause each year.
Join me in a journey to establish why, how, and when Headache is formed and treated creating a sold base of scientific-proved information away from myth and shallow missense.

Important note : All the scientific material presented in this course is the result of extensive exhausting long hours of illustration and simplification of Headache chapters and choosing the best quality images  from the “Bibles” of Internal medicine and Neurology textbooks in the world (Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine 19th ed, Internal Medicine GOLDMAN & CECIL 25th ed ,Fundamentals of Neurology, Crash course Neurology)  

You will learn

✓ Confidently recognize true facts about headache away from both medical jargon and non-scientific myths
✓ Find scientific-proven ways to control headache and decrease its effects on quality of life
✓ Navigate through various choices of treatment understanding how they work and what are their side effects
✓ Build more self-confidence as you maintain a clearer understanding of your condition and your treatment plan
✓ Master how to explain headache clearly and simply and provide scientific info/tips about headache


• You should have basic English language skills
• You should have enthusiasm to learn about the topic
• It’s recommended to use headphones for better experience and clearer voice

This course is for

• People of any age who struggle with headache
• Medical field workers (medical students, nurses, nutritionists, pharmacists etc) who would like to gain a whole complete picture about headache
• This course is NOT for medical neurology rounds as it’s too simplified
Medical doctor, instructor, Medical researcher
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 24m
Language: English
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