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The Complete Guide to Alistar: League of Legends Champion

Discover the basic to advanced mechanics, strategies for warding and team fights for the League of Legends hero Alistar
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The role of Support in League of Legends is arguably the easiest to learn and the hardest to master. As League of Legend players, we have all experienced the struggles that come with an unbalanced team, especially in the absence of a soild support player. In this course you will discover that the role of support is more than just warding for your team and assisting your ADC in lane. Support heroes are the backbone of breakout team fights and often determine the outcome based on their ability to play the role properly, so mastering the skills associated with support heroes will be a core focus of this course. 
If you are considering picking up a new champion to play with, Alistar currently sits at one of the top five most picked supports and remains a staple in the meta throughout the constant shifts and patches introduced to League of Legends. Further, Alistar is considered on of the most versatile supports with his ability to shift between the roles of: frontline tanking, initiating, peeling for ADC, tower diving and anti-crowd control. 
The Instructor – Lohpally
Lohpally  – Challenger tier Support player & partnered streamer on Twitch
Lohpally has been playing League of Legends since the game was released in 2009 and has been in Challenger tier every season following the launch of the game. In the past, Lohpally’s professional career includes playing for teams such as: Curse, Complexity, and Winterfox. Currently, Lohpally focus on educational streams on Twitch and coaching. He has experience coaching players from a variety of level ranging from players who are new to the game to players on top LCS teams such as Cloud 9 & Fnatic.

You will learn

✓ Explore basic to advanced mechanics and techniques for Alistar
✓ Discover how to dominate laning phase
✓ Master Team Fight Positioning
✓ Discover how to properly ward during early and mid game


• Please have League of Legends installed on your laptop or PC
• Basic understanding of warding
• Basic understanding of laning
• a desire to get better at League of Legends support characters, specifically Alistar

This course is for

• Beginning players who want to learn the mechanics of the game, vision control, and team fighting.
• Casual players (level 30+, unranked) looking to play a new champion, learn support, or who want to play ranked.
• Competitive players (Bronze to Diamond) who want to expand their knowledge of the laning phase, vision, and team fights in order to improve their rank.
Professional League Instructor
I’m a Challenger support play who’s also played professionally. I’ve been streaming and doing a lot of youtube videos on guiding people to get better at support. I played under pro teams such as Curse (now liquid), and Winterfox. Before I played League and went full time on content I was going to school to become a teacher, I’ve found combining the two things I enjoy have been quite fruitful, hopefully you’ll find my stuff helpful too! Check me out sometime for my live games too!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 30m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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