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The Complete Elementor tutorial in 2021 | Learn all How tos

Become pro web designer with this guide of Free Elementor Elements Course with one of the highest rated Instructor
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Hello Learners,
            I am really Happy to announce that I have found a tool that will enable you to create a website without coding, without hustling and without losing your mind. This tool will give you a power like a website developer God. Do you think I am kidding? Obviously not, because you can change every small thing with that tool in your website, if this tool were not there, then 1000 lines of codes would be required or may be 10,000 lines who knows…

The Story
Before a couple of years I found Elementor, that day was kind of good. it was sunshine. Earlier, before Elementor, I used other website builder, but the problem with that was, a lot of editing or changes was done on back-end so things were quite hard especially for those who didn’t know anything about creating a website. Then Elementor came and it was game changing…

Why Elementor?
1- Elementor enables you to work on the front end. Any changes that you make on your website you can see all happening live. You don’t have to change pages or click here & there just to see what changes you have made.
2- Elementor gives you a lot of flexibility. You know in Elementor everything is customizable like for example you have to add one button, then you can customize its text color, outer color and hover color (mean when someone put their cursor on a button then the color will change).
3- Elementor is FREE. Elementor is a free website builder and there are 27 free elements in it and we get lot of premade pages and blocks as well.

About this course?
1- I have few highest rated courses and thousand of students. Well, I am not bragging and I don’t need to tell you this data, but you know what, these are some stats that proves my courses are good and people are getting results from them. Again, I am not bragging 😀
2- I made this elementor course very easy where you will learn a ton of stuff and yes in an easy and precise manner.
3- This Elementor course is Procrastination proof. We all are procrastinator in something so even if you start this course from middle or you think you know this topic then you can easily jump on the next topic and then also you will be able to understand each and everything. All the lessons are topic in themselves.
4- This course can be your savior guide. We all need help when we start something new, suppose for example, you want to use image carousel in Elementor and you don’t know how to use it, then what you can do at that time just login to udemy and open this course and then watch the video of image carousel and you will easily understand how to use image carousel. And if you find any difficulty then feel free to ask me.
So have a great day, see you there in the course.

You will learn

✓ Every Features of Elementor: From first Element to last Element


• Laptop or PC
• Internet
• Coffee

This course is for

• Web developers
• Web designer
• Everyone who want to learn Elementor
Freelancer & Online Instructor
This is Amar and I work as a freelancer & online Instructor.
Earlier, when I was starting out then I wanted to learn digital platforms, but back then things were very complex. My motto is to make tutorials as much simple as I can so that everyone can learn and understand technical platforms easily without bumping their head on the screen.
        No matter what happens, I will be committed with my motto. I implore you to learn as much as you can so that you can give back enormous amount of value to this world. Like they say, Each one Teach one.
    As an individual I love dogs, music and long walk. Most of the time I like to spend creating tutorials and teaching people one on one about digital platforms.         

Favorite Quotes:
Grind Now & Shine Later.
The more you learn the more you earn.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 52m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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