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The Complete Apache Kafka course for beginners

Explore the principles of Kafka installation, operations, Zookeeper concepts and deployment of Kafka servers.
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This course will explore the basic concepts of messaging systems, introduction to point to point messaging, publish – subscribe messaging, principles of Apache Kafka Server installation, operations and then it will walk you through the deployment of Kafka cluster in single node and multi node mode. Finally, we will conclude with producer application and consumer application and later I add real-time applications and integration with Big Data Technologies.
The target audience would be the people who are willing to know about Apache Kafka, Zookeeper, Queues, Topics, Client – Server communication, Messaging system (Point to Point & Pub – Sub), Single node server, Multi node servers or Kafka cluster, command line producer and consumer, Producer application using Java API’s and Consumer application using Java API’s.
All the material which is used in this course is attached, Java code for both Producer and Consumer, External Documentation which is helpful further.
You can complete this course in 3hours and please don’t ignore any Quiz.
We made this course such a way that everyone can understand easily, we added the basic concepts in the beginning lectures , then added advanced topics and finally taught how to use the Kafka server in real time with an example.
Apache Kafka is creating a lot of buzz these days. While LinkedIn, where Kafka was founded, is the most well known user, there are many companies successfully using this technology. So now that the word is out, it seems the world wants to know: What does it do? Why does everyone want to use it? How is it better than existing solutions? Do the benefits justify replacing existing systems and infrastructure?

You will learn

✓ Master in Apache Kafka Server concepts
✓ Able to decide where and when to use Kafka
✓ Able to Install and setup Kafka servers from start to end
✓ Can work on Kafka cluster/ multi node instances
✓ Produce and receive messages to/from Kafka and related servers
✓ Will be comfortable with real-time applications and integration with Big Data Technologies.


• Nothing about Kafka , we will start for scratch.
• Basic knowledge of Computers

This course is for

• Anyone can learn it as this course starts from scratch
• This course is developed for all the Developers and Administrators who want to learn about Kafka servers.
• Who want to learn more about client – server communication
• Students who wants to do a job in middleware
Software Professional
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 32m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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