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The Best Way To Set Up A Company In The Cloud Inexpensively

Learn how easy it is to set up a company almost entirely on the cloud...and with the software we chose...for only $5/mo!
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This course is to show people who are uncomfortable with online software or the cloud how easy it is to actually get your entire company set up (from nuts to bolts) on the cloud. Also, there’s a TON of information on the internet about software. So you can spend your own time doing the research, or just take this quick course and we’ll show you the most inexpensive yet most useful software to use to save you significant time and money so you can focus on what you do best, sales, marketing, hustling your business….not administration. Now you can work from anywhere in the world and have access to all your company’s information at your fingertips, all you need is an internet connection. This quick course is a series of videos that shows you (starting with Google Apps as your base) which software to choose and how easy it is to sign up with them to get you started. This is NOT a training video on each software, this is a video course that shows you what we selected as your best options for the specific software you’ll want to use to handle ALL your company needs while at the same time costing you only $5/month to run! Enjoy!

You will learn

✓ set up a micro company in the cloud
✓ have a basic understanding of how cloud software works
✓ have a basic understanding of how cloud software integrate with each other
✓ utilize a CRM program
✓ utilize an email marketing program
✓ collect customer emails and lead information using forms
✓ begin using a service for email marketing newsletters
✓ begin using a CRM program for collecting sales leads and customer information
✓ begin using Google Apps as the backend base for their online cloud software
✓ begin using a project management and task management solution
✓ begin tracking time on various tasks and projects using
✓ begin tracking customer service requests
✓ begin keeping track of all your accounting in the cloud
✓ begin sending invoices to your clients using
✓ begin doing your payroll for your staff online
✓ begin sending legal documents for e-signatures
✓ begin managing basic social media needs
✓ begin to feel more comfortable with the idea of putting all your company needs in the cloud
✓ feel comfortable that you no longer need to have filing cabinets and bankers boxes and a big desk just to handle the administration of your company


• You should be interested in wanting to know how to set up a business completely online. Nothing I’ll be showing you will end up costing you money out of the gates (with the various software), so if you’re interested, just try it out and see if you learn something! :)

This course is for

• This course for setting up a business in the cloud is designed for those with basic knowledge of online software or cloud integrations or are using a mixture of offline software and online software for different purposes. No prior knowledge in any of these software we’ll be walking through is necessary, but familiarity with Gmail is handy!
Online efficiency guru. Advanced office/social media tactics
We have spent thousands of hours of work in the following areas:
a) backend company operations while consulting for many small and mid-sized businesses.
b) social media strategies (not about branding or ‘fluff’, strategies for real growth…integrations of software, tactics, growth building, etc.
c) sales methodologies and strategies for huge performance – not motivation but instead focusing on technology and online tactics to drive in leads and close business.
We are experts in these fields and have a ridiculous amount of real-world, applied experience in these fields. Our goal always is efficiency, efficiency, efficiency.
Every one we talk to at any time, at any place, under any circumstance learns something cool (or nerdy) from our ways of thinking. Follow me and if you see free courses being offered, register right away because they will all be converted to paid courses soon.
All the best!
Our skills:
Linkedin Marketing, Linkedin Sales, Linkedin Leads, Cloud Software, Wb 2.0 Technology, Social Media. Social Media Strategies. Efficiency. LifeHacking. Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Online Marketing. Info products. Entrepreneurialism.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 41m
Language: English
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