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The Beginning of AI

The Three Branches of AI that will change our lives
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We our living in an interesting time with expanding technology and are growing abilities to change the world. With artificial intelligence we are reaching the point where we can create programs that can solve any problems if we have the creativity to develop intelligence. We have the tools almost in the palm of our hands we just need to understand how use them. Learn and Master how AI works and how it is changing our lives in this Comprehensive Course.
•Understand what is AI and its effects on society•Compare and contrast the different branches of AI•Learn the Five Categories of Machine learning•Get real life examples of AI systems and future systemsWith this course you will be able to understand why AI is a driving force to change humanity. Understanding how AI works and the different kinds of AIs puts you in the front seat for what the world will live by in the future. With AI it can launch us to be able to learn so much more about the world. AI will be in every part of our world and help us solve problems we haven’t even thought of yet.
I designed this AI course to be easy to understand for beginners. We start the course off by talking about what AI is today and how it is changing. Secondly talk more about how it is connected to our life today and how it will be in the future. Then I break down the differences in the AI branches and how they affect each other.
Once we go over the different AIs then I move it to talking about the five different Machine learning methods we have to do. Along with talking about what makes them unique from each other. To help you understand applications with using AI I will have a few different examples to explain how they work.
When we are finished with all the material. I will do a quick overview of the most important parts and what you should take out of the course. Then to wrap it all up I will do the most common questions that other students have had after taking this course.

You will learn

✓ Understand what is AI and its effects on society.
✓ Compare and contrast the different branches of AI.
✓ Learn the Five Categories of Machine learning.
✓ Get real life examples of AI systems and future systems.


• No prior knowledge to take this course.

This course is for

• This course is for newbies who are not familiar with AI or its implications.
• If you are a new to machine learning methods and want to get started.
• This course is not for you if you are looking to learn more advanced subtopics and material.
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Thies is a Web design and developer in New Jersey. He has spent years coding and
design websites as one of the many passions of his. He is never afraid to
realize that he doesn’t know everything and that he always needs to keep
learning new skills in his expanding field. Noah believes there is always
something new you can learn and teach someone else to become better at it
yourself. Within two years of starting college, Noah decided to start a web
design company called Inversive with a few friends. The main clients they like
to work with is startups and companies that are always looking to create a
better service for their customer.
he’s not working he likes to read books related to technology and the Internet.
A majority of those topics are related to Social media advertising, upcoming
technology, and digital product design. Noah decided to start creating courses
for Udemy when he realized he is the teacher and he can help students in topics
that he has spent years learning.
a humble optimist, Noah looks forward to what lies ahead in the future and how
we can make a difference in other people’s lives. What wakes Noah up in the
morning is this mindset: There are more opportunities than we know about, we
just have to be ready take advantage of them when we get the privilege to
succeed at them.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 32m
Language: English
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