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The Beginners Guide to Practical Cyber Hacking Skills

Learn real world practical and theoretical cybersecurity skills to prepare you for any career in cyber security
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Cyber attacks and crimes continue to grow at an alarming rate and as such the demand for cyber security professionals all over the world has never been higher. However getting a job in this exciting industry isn’t as easy as it may seem. In order to be able to apply for a job you not only need to know the basics of cyber security but you also need to have real world practical skills that can make you more attractive to prospective employers.
If you want to start a career in cybersecurity, then you need real practical skills. The primary objective of this course is to expose you to a very wide variety of skills that will prepare you for your chosen career path in cybersecurity.
In this course, you will learn both theoretical and practical skills in the following cybersecurity fields
•Security Analysis
•Network Security
•Ethical Hacking
•Penetration Testing
•Cyber Management
Okay but can you tell me exactly what I will learn in this course?
With pleasure. You will first learn about the core key principles of cyber security including access control and the CIA triad.
You will then learn about virtualization and how to install the Kali Linux operating system locally on your computer with the use of virtual box.
Next, you will learn how Phishing truly works behind the scenes and you will even learn how to create a cloned phishing website for LinkedIn.
We will then proceed to the next chapter where you will learn about the key networking principles including DNS, DHCP, NAT, ports, protocols and much more.
You will then learn how to use the most powerful networking scanning tool – NMAP
Next you will learn about hashing with the use of powershell and hashcat. You will also learn how to perform brute force attacks.
Section 8 is all about websites, web applications and databases. You will learn about the fundamental programming languages used to build and design websites and also how databases work behind the scenes.
You will learn about the OWASP top 10 and also how to use Burpsuite to scan, crawl and audit websites.
Social Engineering is a big part of cyber security and you will learn how to use Maltego to gather information about a person or company.
Finally you will learn about data management as well as the incident response and disaster recovery plans.
Here are some of the cybersecurity tools you will learn how to work with:
•Kali Linux operating system
•Virtual box
•and much more

You will learn

✓ How to work with the Kali Linux operating system
✓ How to work with NMAP network scanner
✓ Understand the key principles of cybersecurity
✓ How to create a cloned LinkedIn website
✓ How to craft a Phishing email
✓ Understand the Hacking methodology
✓ Develop a strong foundation in Networking principles & technologies
✓ How to calculate hash values with powershell
✓ How to setup hashcat
✓ How to perform brute force attacks
✓ Understand the OWASP top 10
✓ Develop a core understanding of how websites & databases work
✓ How to crawl, audit websites & generate reports with Burpsuite
✓ Perform information gathering with Maltego


• Basics of Cybersecurity

This course is for

• Students who want to start a career in cybersecurity
• Working professionals who want to switch careers to cybersecurity
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 8h 21m
Language: English
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