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The Bakery Business Guide: Part 2 – Pricing for Profit

A necessary mentorship guide about pricing artisan baked goods for REAL profit. Made for cookie and cake decorators.
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It is very common for bakers to undersell themselves, either out of uncertainty or fear.
If you are a person who would like to sell their baked goods and actually generate real profit from your sales, you MUST learn about how pricing works and how to apply it to your business.
This course will utilize special formulas to help you determine the perfect price point to:
•Cover your true costs AND pay yourself
•Stay competitive in your industry while making a profit
•Allow your business to have growth built right into the pricing
We will go over various steps needed to get yourself to a price point that is right for your unique business.
Steps includes:
•Pricing out your materials in a recipe correctly
•Pricing out other costs like overhead and depreciation
•Determining how and to what amount you want to profit from your sales
•Inputting data into a chart to generate your base costs for a product
•Creating an easy to use pricing chart so you can quote orders quickly, even if they are custom

You will learn

✓ How to price baked goods in a way that covers your true costs, creates a profit for you and generates funds to grow your business.
✓ How to use a unique formula to create an average pricing chart, making quoting and menu creation simple.
✓ How to find base costs of recipes and business elements.
✓ How to manage profitable pricing long term.


• To best utilize the recipe calculation charts, you will need a kitchen scale to convert measured recipes into weight recipes.
• You will need a calculator of some kind.

This course is for

• Hobby bakers or bakery business owners needing to get a handle on their pricing and learn how to price for profit.
• Bakers who want to make an income from their baking business.
Creative Class Instructor and Bakery Business Mentor
My course content includes 2 main sections, which are related to my businesses:
1. Acrylic Painting
2. Bakery Business Education

Educational Background (2 Fine Art Degrees):
Bachelor of Fine Arts- Printmaking
Bachelor of Fine Arts- Ceramics
Art Honors Roll
partial minor in Anthropology
partial Masters of Arts Education
Teaching Experience:
8+ years professional experience teaching art to students of all ages
Cake Design Background:
I have 16+ years professional bakery industry experience. I have been an assistant Cake Designer at 2 bakeries, and the Lead Cake Designer at 3 bakeries. I have been everything from a grocery store cake decorator, to the lead designer at a million dollar bakery, to owning my own bakery business.
I owned and operated my own Cottage Home Bakery for 5 years, until I retired to take care of my baby. I specialized in high-end cakes, cookies and cupcakes.
I now offer Bakery Business Consulting Services and teach cake design classes.
Painting Background:
Along with my university painting courses, I also taught “paint and sip” style classes for 3+ years at a local shop.
I now currently own my own mobile painting class business, going on 5 years strong and teach locally on a weekly basis. I offer private and public classes and events, for everyone aged 1 to 100.
I am a mother, step-mother, military spouse, gardener, beekeeper, DIY crafter, animal lover and multiple small business owner.
Why am I an Instructor on Udemy?
I love to teach, as it brings me joy to see others succeed and learn new skills. I teach cake decorating and painting classes in person locally, but of course that reach only goes so far…
My husband’s job moves us to a new location every few years, and I am always sad to see my students left behind with each move. Thus, I began teaching online!
Teaching online is very exciting for me, and an amazing way to create artistic and business connections with people all over the world.
I love being able to share my particularly laid back, inclusive and thorough teaching style that seems to work so well for many students.
My main goal on Udemy is to spread positivity and optimism. If you have the right attitude and a good teacher, you can do ANYTHING you keep working at. I’m here to support you along the way and share all my industry tips and tricks to help you :)
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 41m
Language: English
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