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The Art Of Talking To Women Confidently

How To Become A Confident Man When Communicating And Interacting With Women
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Hello and welcome to my course The Art of Talking To Women Confidently
My name is Stella Belmar, and I am a Certified Relationship and Law of Attraction Coach.
This course teaches valuable techniques and the right attitude to have when talking to women. You will learn how to have a smooth conversation, how to use humor, compliments, statements and other techniques in conversations with women.
Women like confident men and the more you learn how to talk to women better, the more confident you will become. This in turn will facilitate your contact and connections with women. Learn key techniques and strategies to use in any scenario with women.
You will learn:
1. The 2 Key Ingredients to become a confident man and know how to talk to women. I’ll be showing you what to do and what not to do and the mistakes you can avoid.
2. I will also be discussing and showing you what body language to use and how to move around the physical space you’ll be in. As you may already know, studies estimate that 60% to 80% of our communication happens in the non-verbal form. That’s why it’s important to not just look at what you say, but also at how you say it and how you carry yourself.
3. Your attitude and behavior will be paramount in your success and that’s why we’ll focus on that, and not just in theory but also with examples and even dialogues.
4. Then we’ll dig deeper into the real conversation techniques. We’ll be discussing how to talk to women and what to talk about, what to do in awkward moments or when there’s a silence. How to embrace the moment and create better communication.
5. Facial expression and body language will all be discussed and showcased to help you become more confident and comfortable when talking with women.
6. In the talking techniques section, we’ll look in more detail at my 3-factor strategy to have a successful conversation and time with a woman. Apply this technique every time you talk to a woman, and you’ll already be 90% there in creating the right environment to connect better and create sparks with her.
7. We’ll also go deeper into the conversation tactics, such as the ping-pong game, statements, hooks, compliments, and several other ones.
8. Finally, we’ll talk about the power of a positive attitude and energy

The course also offers lists and tasks for you to work on. And remember, practice makes perfect! So, don’t forget to put these techniques to practice whenever you can. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!
So, don’t hesitate and enroll right now. I hope you enjoy your course and see you soon!


You will learn

✓ Become a more confident man when talking to women
✓ Improve your value and mindset in your communication
✓ Use the power of words and body language to communicate effectively
✓ Learn the right attitude to have when conversing with women
✓ Learn how to use words vs. silence as an effective tool
✓ Learn what women appreciate when talking with a man
✓ Learn the 3 secret ingredients to make your conversation go smoothly
✓ Improve the way women receive you and appreciate what you’re saying
✓ Create interactions to remember and that last
✓ How to embrace your power in your connection and conversations with women
✓ Practice online and in real life with additional lists, tasks and practical exercises
✓ How to use humor, statements and exaggeration in your conversations


• A willingness to learn and improve
• Just wanting to get started!

This course is for

• Men who’d like to improve various aspects of their lives with women
• Men who’d like to become more confident in their interactions with women
Relationship & Law of Attraction Coach
Stella Belmar is a Certified Relationship and a Certified Law of Attraction Coach. She has been helping hundreds of men and women in their quest for healthier and happier relationships for the past 14 years.Stella has lived in the U.S. as well as in Europe and brings a unique perspective to various styles of relating. She has developed a unique and modern approach that works for singles of any age, demographic or type. Her holistic approach views you as a whole person. Integrating her knowledge with international and spiritual insights, she will lead you to a path of success in your love life.“With the multitude of messages that we get bombarded with every day, it’s no wonder that we are confused as to what’s important and what’s not,” says Stella. “That’s why I stress that every single person in pursuit of happiness first needs to better know what he or she is all about. This is the first step. Everything else flows from there.”After coaching with Stella, you will come out with a refreshed sense of self-confidence, hope and motivation. She’ll help you to be on the road to finding what your heart truly desires and needs. We all strive to be happy, loving and loved. That’s what life is all about and Stella is here to show you how.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 48m
Language: English
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