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The Art of Leadership & Coaching

Increasing leadership effectiveness and developing a coaching way of being
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As a globally recognised facilitator, coach, consultant, author (It’s Not About The Coach) and speaker specialising in Authentic Leadership it gives me great pleasure to bring this course to you. I have worked with leaders and coaches for over 25 years and for the first time I share all my experience in one place. It provides you with all the resources you need as a leader and coach – whether you are exploring the subject for the first time or already hold a senior leadership/coaching role. The course is set out in 7 sections and 25 lectures (6 hours), comprising of screen flow slide (Prezi) presentations, videos, interviews with experts, articles and a 45 page eBook. I apply an innovative and contemporary approach so that… 1) You not only focus on yourself but ensure you develop your followers ability to follow. 2) You identify your ‘inner’ values and skilfully exhibit these in the ‘outer’ – authentic. 3) You develop a coaching way of being, in particular the identity of a narrative coach. 4) You learn to harness personal energy and increase vitality for you and for others. 5) You transform culture by creating habitats and habits that are sustainable. Take this course if you need an answer to the following question…do you need to exert influence, so that people are drawn to your vision and results? I look forward to working with you…Stuart.

You will learn

✓ ENCOURAGE your followers to follow
✓ ESTABLISH leadership values to create form
✓ ENABLE narrative coaching
✓ EVALUATE productivity & energy sources
✓ EXPLORE mission & culture


• You will not need any specific materials or prerequisite knowledge in order to participate in this course.
• An interest and/or experience in coaching and leadership.
• The potential to identify your development needs as a leader/coach.
• The readiness to be authentic.

This course is for

• Exploring leadership and coaching for the first time
• Individuals who are new to leadership/coaching roles
• Individuals who are experienced leaders/coaches
• Senior leaders and coaches
Authentic leadership consultant
Stuart is a facilitator, coach, consultant, author and speaker specializing in Authentic Leadership and founder of Storm Beach.
Working across industry sectors his work focuses on increasing leadership effectiveness, developing a coaching way of being, harnessing personal energy and transforming individual, team and organisational culture.
He works with clients to ensure that ‘inner’ values are skilfully exhibited in the ‘outer’ environment. Supporting and challenging where necessary so that individuals become attuned with these core values and develop fundamental individuality. The results of his work allow participants to achieve harmony between compliant and defiant behaviours to embody authenticity.
Thus enabling individuals, teams and organisations to have PURPOSE and be PRESENT so that they can PRODUCE outstanding results.
Two ‘projects’ further support Stuart’s work. Harnessing energy by tapping into our energy sources and increasing vitality. Putting fuel in your tank and considering possibilities. Transforming culture by creating habitats and habits that support and challenge our intent. Taking other people with you and changing performance.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 6h 22m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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