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The 6 Figure Freelancer – Freelancing Domination on Upwork

Get paid big bucks freelancing on Upwork - Learn to run your own home business with expert web marketer Mike Volkin
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Do you have a side hustle making you a bit of money? Do you want to do it full-time? If so, this course will help. Freelancing is a great way to make a living doing what you love on your own schedule right out of your home. Taught by the renowned entrepreneur coach Mike Volkin, this course will walk you through, step-by-step how to become a high paying freelancer on Upwork so that you can..
                                                            GET PAID WHAT YOU DESERVE
                                                                WORK YOUR OWN HOURS
                                                         & HAVE CLIENTS COMING TO YOU!
Mike Volkin is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold 4 companies of his own. He will show you how to find, close and retain clients on Upwork in the most automatic way possible. All you need is a laptop, an internet connection and his advice to become a high paying freelancer.

This course is a summary of one of the dozens of courses at FreelancerMasterclass. In it, you will discover the proven formula for earning 6-figures on Upwork without working tons of hours.
                                                    LEARN THE STRATEGIES I USE TO WIN
                                                      THE BEST CLIENTS AND COMMAND
                                                                      PREMIUM PRICES!
It all starts with an impressive profile. I’ll show you how to create one that will get your potential clients’ attention, a profile that will rank highly on Upwork so you can maximise your visibility.
I’ll also show you a secret technique that I’ve been using to generate anywhere from 10 to 100 freelance opportunities a day (and it works automatically to send you lucrative freelance projects right to your inbox).
You’ll also discover the right way to apply to projects & win clients while never having to negotiate your prices with your clients on Upwork, using my heavily tested system designed specifically for Upwork.
In short, this course will help you..
                                                            2x, 3x, EVERN 10x YOUR INCOME
                                                                         AS A FREELANCER!
The secret to multiplying your income as a freelancer, on top of what I already mentioned, is to keep your clients for the long term and knowing how to get amazing reviews, and I’ll show you exactly how you can achieve both.
So, if you’re excited to learn all of this (and so much more), then go ahead and enroll in the course. Your purchase is completely risk-free, so either you learn something that will completely change your game or you get your money back. As a fellow freelancer to another, I look forward to helping you succeed!

You will learn

✓ How To Create An Impressive Profile That Ranks Highly On Upwork
✓ The Powerful Aggregated Listening Technique: A Technique That Will Generate Up To 100 Freelance Opportunities For You A Day
✓ The Right Way To Apply To Jobs & Get A Response From Potential Clients
✓ How To Win Clients On Upwork
✓ 6 Tips To NOT Have To Negotiate Prices With Your Clients
✓ Proven Freelancing Strategies To 2x, 3x, Even 10x Your Revenue As A Freelancer
✓ 2 Important Ways You Can Retain Clients For The Long Term
✓ My Secret Strategy For Getting Amazing Upwork Reviews


• No Prior Knowledge Needed. Only A Computer & An Internet Connection Are Needed.

This course is for

• Existing Freelancers (Beginners & Experienced)
• Anyone Who Wants To Become A Freelancer
• Anyone Who Wants To Make Extra Money
• Anyone Who Wants To Quit Their Job & Be Their Own Boss
Freelancer Masterclass Lead Instructor
Mr. Volkin is the lead instructor at Freelancer Masterclass, a website devoted to helping freelancers, for free. He is a serial entrepreneur and marketing expert with over a dozen years of experience. In addition to writing 5 books (one best-seller) and building and selling 4 companies of his own; Mr. Volkin has a flair for teaching entrepreneurs how to start and scale businesses. Be sure to follow Freelancer Masterclass on YouTube and subscribe to our podcast called Freelancer School, available on iTunes and Google Play
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 13m
Language: English
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