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The 12 Personality Archetypes for Personal Branding

Understanding Human Psychology for Personal Branding Basics
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Personal branding is centred around the way humans connect with each other, how they perceive the world around them and how they choose to project themselves.
But in order to communicate effectively with our audience so that we can make a positive impact on them, we first have to understand ourselves. However…
•Why do we think the way we do?
•Why do we act the way we do?
•Why do we respond the way we do?
•Why do we prefer what we prefer?
Archetypal psychology is a rich resource in the science of creating personal clarity in our life and effective messaging in our livelihoods.
This simply isn’t true.
What has worked for one ‘guru’ won’t work for you, even if you follow their EXACT same steps, because you experience life differently and are motivated differently – your dominant archetypes are different from theirs!
Your personal archetype is your compass that explains why you show up and interact in the world the way you do, and guides you in your business and personal brand. Not in a curated, fabricated way, but finally in an authentic and intentional way.
The Archetype model provides an instruction manual of sorts for your emotions, so you’ll understand why you’re triggered by the things that trigger you, why you gravitate to certain people, why you’re challenged by certain fears and why you’re drawn to certain activities and desires.
Archetypes represent universal patterns that are reflected through symbols, images and themes which we interpret and make sense of through stories.
Archetypes act as our very own internal compass.
They’re essentially our factory installed Meaning Management System (MMS as opposed to GPS) which keeps us on track with developing a self identity.
For those of us who are entrepreneurially inclined, this self identity empowers us to create products and services and a consistent and enduring personal brand which impacts our audience and provides an outlet to express our unique essence.
To know yourself fully is to have a foundation on which to build anything in your life and your livelihood – with purpose, direction and confidence and without a system in place to help course correct as we navigate our path, issues of self-worth come into play because we’re not ever really taught HOW to know ourselves.
The archetype model aims to clarify your unique perspective on life, and if coupled with a Personal Brand strategy helps you carve your own path to success that looks, sounds and feels different to anyone else in the world and is a genuine reflection of you.

You will learn

✓ Understand how personality archetypes are used for personal branding
✓ Understand your own personal traits and characteristics
✓ Become familiar with each of the 12 personality archetypes
✓ You’ll have a compass at hand to help you navigate your personal and professional relationships


• Must have an interest in and curiosity for personality types
• For women who are just starting out on their personal brand journey and want a strong foundation
• For women who are already on the path of building a personal branding but feel out of alignment

This course is for

• Women Entrepreneurs who want to build a personal brand with confidence based on human psychology
• Anyone interested in learning more about the 12 personality archetypes as described by Carl Jung
Personal Brand Content Creator & Consultant
Hi, I’m Abigail.
I’m a photographer, videographer and over 40 aspiring explorer.
I love creating meaningful content and helping other mid-life women do the same.
I consult on and create visual content and am co-founder of the CAF-Innate Academy, a learning hub for women entrepreneurs over 40 who love coffee and despise social media.
In my role as a Content Creator & Consultant, I’m a Catalyst to women who are on their own journey of transforming their personal brand confidence and at the beginning of their content creation adventure.
My love of photography, video and adventure was instilled in me by my parents who had piled my brother and I into the back of their beat-up Toyota Cressida and road-tripped around Southern Africa.

Since learning (the hard way) that entrepreneurship is as much about personal growth as it is about business growth, I now use my natural and ‘honed-over-time’ talents to continue to explore my inner & outer world (through the lens of my Explorer Archetype), expand my knowledge and technical capabilities, express my creativity and personal truths while assisting and inspiring other over-40 women to do the same.
Over the years my personal brand evolution has had many twists and turns – some good, some not so much. But like any epic adventure, the wrong turns and unplanned detours often turn into the most ‘story-worthy’ memories.
Every new experience is another tool I can use and share on this lesson-filled adventure and I’ve always got space for one more…
…hop in, let’s see where the road takes us.

Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 12m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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