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The 10 Principles for Unstoppable Creativity

Discover how to hack your creative drive, overcome creative blocks and develop an empowering approach to creativity.
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Has your world been turned upside down by unforeseen and unpredictable circumstances?
Or do you feel as though everything you ever knew has been blended up and handed back to you and you don’t recognise your life anymore?
If so, this course will show you how harnessing your creativity may be the answer to all of your problems.
Our society and culture thus far have primarily been created by right-brained leaders and movement makers. And while these dominant leaderships have taken us through the industrial revolution and technological age, our global pandemic has shown us all that the future belongs to creative people.
The world needs more left-brain activity, creativity, compassion, sensitivity and passion, and that world change starts with you.
Too many people suppress their creativity under the false belief that they’re “not a creative person”, but as Paul will demonstrate in this course, that’s not true. In this course, Paul shows you how creativity is an intrinsic part of your nature. However, too many people sell themselves short creatively because they feel discouraged by failure and imperfection.
The 10 Principles for Unstoppable Creativity course will help you articulate what creativity means to you. Paul will show you how embracing your creativity can serve as an empowering and autonomous response to feelings of helplessness in an unpredictable and unnerving world.
In this course you will learn:
•How to overcome any resistance you have to creativity, from negative self-talk to unhelpful beliefs.
•How to unlearn reductive thinking.
•How to recapture and re engage
•How to overcome the fear of failure, rejection and critique.
•How to recapture and re-engage with your childhood imagination
•How to break your frame of reference to create work which speaks to a diverse audience.
•How to become an influential creative.
•How to grow your creative process and get out of creative slumps.

You will learn

✓ How to overcome resistance to creativity, from negative self-talk to unhelpful beliefs.
✓ How to embrace the fear of failure, rejection and critique.
✓ How to unlearn reductive thinking.
✓ How to be a diverse and influential creator.


• No previous experience or education is required to join in this course.
• Students are encouraged to take notes (for self-reflection only).
• This course can be studied anywhere with a stable internet connection.
• An MP3 version is also accessible for those who like to learn ‘on the go’.
• Access your training course from a tablet, smartphone, or desktop.
• Additional PDF materials are included to further your learning.

This course is for

• People typically interested in this course are those who work or are thinking of moving into a creative industry. These people are looking for ways to feel reinspired, get unstuck from a creative slump they’re going through or gain the confidence to pursue a creative project.
• Many of Paul’s students come from creative professions and include musicians, actors, artists, writers, yoga instructors, designers, singers, chefs, entrepreneurs and podcasters.
• This course is for those who are interested in creative expression, art, writing, content creation, music, starting a creative career and finding new ways to upgrade their creative processes.
• The lessons taught in this course can be used within a wide variety of contexts, from teaching to personal productivity, work environments, parenting, education, business startups and self-exploration.
• This 10 Principles for Unstoppable Creativity course is open to all. It can be studied by itself or alongside another course by Paul such as The Biggest Mistakes People Make in Public Speaking.
Mentorship – Communication – Leadership
Following 30+ years working in the not for profit sector Paul has transitioned into a season of empowering and building people through his signature events, mentoring and courses on communication, leadership and personal development.
He now focuses on these passions –
Communication, Leadership, Mentorship and Personal Development.
Paul’s unique ability to make complex things simple is a hallmark of his skill as a communicator. His belief that it’s more important to grow people than things combined with his innate ability to walk in other people’s shoes creates a rare sense of connection with his audiences and followers.
His down to earth what he calls ‘wisdom for life’ approach to learning has put him in demand as a keynote speaker all over the world.
He believes that there is greatness in everyone but that most will never discover it without the help of a mentor.
Paul has committed this season of his life to helping people and organisations not to get stuck in old versions of themselves. He speaks to tens of thousands live annually and many more through his online and social media platforms.
He believes that your best life is yet to come if we know how to access it.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 8m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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