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The 10 Most Powerful Self-Discovery Questions Ever Asked!

Begin A Powerful Journey of Identifying Your Best Self Using the Process of Positive Forensics.
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The 10 Questions that are asked in this class will take you through a sort but thorough discovery journey,  I am a forensic profiler.  I took my 25 years of forensic profiling knowledge and combined it with the new science of Positive Psychology. 
Using the process of profiling I will ask you 10 questions that will take you deep into your life and help you discover evidence.  Evidence of Talent.  Talent is what makes you stand out.  It is what defines you as exceptional.  It is the pathway to being amazing!  It will define your success. 
Get ready.  Think deeply.  Ask the questions honestly.  Be open.  Be determined.  The more effort you give to answering these 10 questions will determine the clarity and power with which you can walk boldly into your future!

You will learn

✓ You will have greater clarity to navigate their future, college, career and relationships choices.
✓ Greater self-confidence and the ability to be the very best they now know they can be.
✓ Have the capacity to ask powerful, information discovering, talent identifying, people maximizing questions.
✓ The capacity to make informed decisions because you have accurate, multi-dimensional people data.
✓ You will have the power to find the right people to be on your team and know they will excel and you will be successful.
✓ Parents will be able to use this as a framework for Strengths-Based Parenting and Positive Parenting


• Only the desire to be honest and to answer these questions to the best of your ability.

This course is for

• Every seeker of truth who has the determination to answer the question, “Who am !?”
• Individuals looking for clarity in decisions regarding: career, college and other major decisions.
• Coaches, HR Managers, Talent Managers, Teachers, Leaders, People Maximizers.
• Entrepreneurs who are determined to find the right talent for their teams.
• Parents who need a framework to help their children discover or quantify their innate talents and use them for Positive Parenting.
CEO Talent DNA
I created the process of Positive Forensic Profiling.  Having been in forensic psychology for over 25 years, I decided to focus on the positive.  I loved the power of forensic profiling and also loved helping people.  So I wrote a book, “The DNA Code: The Forensics of Purpose, Passion and Performance” and then started building software to help individuals, students and people wanting to discover the best of who they are: Their Talent.  Talent is the stuff of greatness.  It defines where we are able to be exceptional.  It is the pathway to making life work.  It is the road to living a happy and successful life.
I have worked with professional athletes, major brands (Microsoft, Rolls Royce, NFL, Range Rover and many more).  My greatest desire and motivation in life is to help other identify and develop their amazing talents and live to their greatest potential. 
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 39m
Language: English
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