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Terraform Masterclass with AWS (0.14). DevOps IaC Handson

Learn Terraform IaC using AWS handson (e.g. for loop, dynamic block, nested maps, remote module, remote backend)
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 50m
Language: English
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If I summarize this course in one sentence?
Learn Terraform IaC (demo is done using AWS EC2, VPC, IAM) using Handson concepts and labs (e.g. resource, data, input variables, for loop, dynamic block, count, remote modules, remote state and state locking, etc).

☆Please check preview videos to see if this course is really for you☆

Are you one of the below?
•You want to learn how to set up cloud infrastructures with Terraform
•You feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start with Terraform
•You used AWS/GCP/Azure before but want to manage them using code instead of from Console
•You want to learn Terraform remote modules so that you can reuse common code
•You want to store Terraform state file (.tfstate) in cloud so that multiple developers can work together

Who should take this course
•you have learned AWS fundamentals (EC2, VPC, IAM, etc)
•you don’t know how to go about setting up infrastructure by code
•you have development experience in AWS Cloud Formation Template (AWS-specific IaC) but want to learn vendor-agnostic IaC tool such as Terraform

who should NOT need to take this course
•you already know a lot of Terraform
•you are not planning on managing cloud infrastructures on AWS/GCP/Azure
•you have never used AWS/GCP/Azure

In this course, you will learn various aspects of Terraform such as:
•Terraform resource types such as Resource, Input, Output, Data, Local, etc
•Terraform provider setting
•Terraform expression types (i.e. primitive types such as string, number, bool, and map and list and object)
•Terraform advanced syntax such as conditional expression, for loop, dynamic block, nested maps, file input, etc
•how to spin up AWS EC2 using Terraform and coding best practices
•how to launch EC2 in a private subnet in a custom VPC using Terraform
•how to reuse code for EC2 and IAM from Terraform remote modules in Terraform Registry
•how to create AWS IAM role using Terraform remote module
•how to configure Terraform remote backend to store TF state file in AWS S3 to enable collaboration
•how to enable Terraform remote backend state locking (remote backend) using AWS DynamoDB so that no multiple users can access TF state file at once and hence avoid race condition

5 Reasons why you should take this course:
1. Instructed by a cloud DevOps engineer (with CKA and certified AWS DevOps pro) working at US company in SF
I have been pretty handson with Terraform, AWS, AWS EKS with 7+ industry experience in both North America and Europe.

2. Comprehensive coverage of Terraform from beginner to advanced
– Basic resource types(Resource, Data, Variable, Output、Local)and syntax
– Terraform functions(Math, List, Map, String, etc) demoed in Terraform console
– Advanced syntax such as For loop、__Dynamic Block__、__Nested Map__
– Reuse Terraform remote modules (e.g. EC2, IAM) in Terraform Registry
– Terraform Remote Backend and State locking(AWS DynamoDB)to centralize Terraform state and avoid race condition

3. Gotchas of Terraform Explained
I tried to explain and demonstrate confusing concepts in Terraform such as Object vs Map.

4. Tons of handson!
I won’t bore you with dry lectures. Instead every concepts are paired with handson demo.

5. Entire course under FIVE HOURS
I tried to make this course compact and concise so students can learn the concepts and handson skills in shorted amount of time, because I know a life of software engineer is already pretty busy 🙂

My background & Education & Career experience
•Cloud DevOps Software Engineer with 6.5+ years experience
•Bachelor of Science in Computing Science from a Canadian university
•Knows Java, C#, C++, Bash, Python, JavaScript, Terraform, IaC
•Expert in AWS (holds AWS DevOps Professional certification) and Kubernetes (holds Certified Kubernetes Administrator, CKA)

I will see you inside!

You will learn

✓ Terraform resource types such as Resource, Input, Output, Data, Local, etc
✓ Terraform provider setting
✓ Terraform expression types (i.e. primitive types such as string, number, bool, and map and list and object)
✓ Terraform advanced syntax such as conditional expression, for loop, dynamic block, nested maps, file input, etc
✓ how to spin up AWS EC2 using Terraform and coding best practices
✓ how to launch EC2 in a private subnet in a custom VPC using Terraform
✓ how to reuse code for EC2 and IAM from Terraform remote modules in Terraform Registry
✓ how to configure Terraform remote backend to store TF state file in AWS S3 to enable collaboration
✓ how to enable Terraform remote backend state locking using AWS DynamoDB so that no multiple users can access TF state file at once and hence avoid race condition


• you have learned AWS fundamentals (EC2, VPC, IAM, etc)
• you have minimum 3 months programming experience

This course is for

• You want to learn how to set up cloud infrastructures with Terraform
• You feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start with Terraform
• You used AWS/GCP/Azure before but want to manage them using code instead of from Console
• You want to learn Terraform remote modules so that you can reuse common code
• You want to store Terraform state file (.tfstate) in cloud so that multiple developers can work together
元Microsoft→現Silicon Valley DevOps、AWS DevOps Pro, CKA
He is a cloud DevOps working on AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, CI/CD pipeline, etc at a US company.

He is INFJ and seeks a right balance between typical dichotomy such as arts/science, logic/emotion, mind/body.

Education & Career experience
– Have done interviews at Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, Intel, Adobe, etc
– Cloud DevOps Software Engineer with 6.5+ years experience
– Bachelor of Science in Computing Science from a Canadian university
– Knows data structure, algorithms, design patterns well
– Knows Java, C#, C++, Bash, Python, JavaScript, Terraform, IaC
– Expert in AWS (holds AWS DevOps Professional certification) and Kubernetes (holds Certified Kubernetes Administrator, CKA)

– グーグル・マイクロソフト・フェイスブックなど北米・ヨーロッパで受けてきたコーディングテスト面接の経験
– 6年以上の北米・ヨーロッパでのエンジニア経験
– カナダの大学卒でCS専攻
– 得意な言語はバックエンドのオブジェクト指向系のJavaをはじめ、Linux Bashやインフラ系のTerraformも含みます
– AWSのDevOps ProのサーティフィケートとKubernetesのProサーティフィケート持っています

尊敬する人物はアーノルドシュワちゃん、Iron Man、ElonMusk。
Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 50m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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