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TensorFlow 2.x Essentials – 2021

Learn TensorFlow 2.0 essential for model building in Python
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Welcome to TensorFlow 2.x Essentials 2021
TensorFlow 2.x is now one of the hottest demands in the Data Science market. Because of its customization, ability to handle big data, speed, development of machine learning, deep learning, and probabilistic models and model customization (research and development) make it has huge applications in the industries in the current world. Many industries looking for a Data Scientist with these skills. This course covers modelling techniques using TensorFlow 2.x.
We start with programming in TensorFlow 2.x which is the essential skill required and then we will do the necessary pre-processing to huge data.
Then throughout the course, we will work on building a custom regression model using a gradient descent algorithm in TensorFlow.
What you will Learn
· Python
· TensorFlow 2.x
· TensorBoard
· Dense Network
· Linear Regression
· Gradient Descent Algorithm
· Gradient Descent in TensorFlow 2.x
· Custom Model Training

We know that TensorFlow is one of those topics that always leaves some doubts. You can feel free to ask a question in Q & A. I will answer your questions.
Until now.
This course is exactly what you need to comprehend once and for all. Not only that, but you will also get a ton of additional materials – notebooks files, course notes – everything is included.

You will learn

✓ TensoFlow 2.x
✓ TensorBoard
✓ Gradient Descent
✓ Linear Regression
✓ Customizing Model Design in TensorFlow


• Basics of Python
• Gmail Account
• Familiar with Google Drive

This course is for

• Anyone who are stating to learn deep learning
Team of Engineers
We’re team of Machine Learning experts, AI developers working together to advance the state of the art in artificial intelligence. You will be hearing from us when new courses are released, answering Q&A and many more.
We are here to help you stay on the cutting edge of Data Science and Technology.

Data Science Anywhere Team
Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 54m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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