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Teaching Kids Values & Moral Judgement

Gaining independent moral judgment helps safeguard your child & increases their chances to be safe, happy and successful
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Learning how to instill a moral foundation may be the most important teaching a parent or any adult can do. It helps to ensure the best chance that a child will become safe, happy and successful in all areas of their lives. To help a child learn how to make independent moral decisions is what parenting is all about. 
This program will show you exactly how to impart values and moral judgement most successfully. Teaching and training a child morally can be one of the most fun and practical things a parent or influential adult can do for a child.
Often, all you need is good information and then to apply and practice what you’ve learned to be  highly successful.
•Understand why values training and moral development is the foundation for success.•How to best teach values.•Understand child development and how to maximize parent influence.•Know what is of most value in life.•Understand the research in moral development and how to apply it in a fun way.•Know our instinctual moral laws.•Understand mature love and why that is the foundation to morality and happiness.•Know what our fundamental human needs are.•We will explore how to build strong family relationships.•Know what it takes to be strong mentally.•Recognize the power in our thoughts and words.•Know what the fundamental childhood needs are and how to supply those.•Learn how to make a personal and family creed and how this transforms lives.•The principles of progression.•How to turn around a child who is indulged, rescued, spoiled and self-centered.•Parenting based on the moral maturity of the child.•Advantages of living a moral life.

You will learn

✓ Instilling values and moral judgement in kids can be one of the most enjoyable, interesting and important things a parent or influential adult can do for a child. Once you know what to do and how to do it – it can be simple and rewarding
✓ Learn how to set a foundation that will last a child’s entire life.
✓ Parents want their children to be Safe, Happy and Successful. Independent moral judgement and maturity is the best safeguard to help that happen.
✓ Why internalized values and independent moral judgement is critical.
✓ Understand what research has shown us concerning values, virtues and moral maturity.
✓ What are the secrets and best ways to instill values and moral maturity so that kids can thrive now and in the future in their own families, work and future lives.
✓ Understand why love is the foundation to all success and to moral decision making.
✓ Implement the steps to maturity, good judgement and independent success and happiness.


• Computer, iPad or smartphone
• The only other requirement is wanting to learn the principles and skills of how to teach and instill values and moral judgement to kids.

This course is for

• This course is for anyone who wants to know how to effectively teach and impart values, character and moral maturity to kids.
Clinical Psychologist
For over 30 years Dr. Randy Hyde, Child & Family Clinical Psychologist, has dedicated his life to understanding the science of psychology and helping people on a daily basis. During that amount of time he has also been training other psychology doctoral students in helping others overcome challenges and maximize their lives and potential. He is an instructor and developer of successful therapeutic programs and trainings. He has said that if a person knows what to do, how to do it and has confidence in doing it through repeated practice – that is the formula for success. Dr. Randy Hyde just naturally loves people and imparts his warmth, training and knowledge in an easy to learn and apply, fun and humorous way.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 31m
Language: English
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