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Tasting the Spiritual Universe | Evoking Spirit – A7.2

How to: TASTE the Spiritual Universe WITHOUT Drugs, Superstitions or Dying.
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How to: TASTE the Spiritual Universe WITHOUT Drugs, Superstitions or Dying.
Here you will learn thinking processes to support TASTING the Spiritual Universe. This is one Course of a Course-Series called “Evoking Spirit”. It is complete in itself, however, this one is specifically focused on the sensations you taste. For your professor Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne these things are not theory, not arbitrary. He teaches from first-hand experience and mastery of these abilities.
Course Key: It is not that you need to perceive someplace different, you need to perceive the same place differently.
Did you know: All of our courses are unscripted. Each course in the series is so similar because they are recorded back to back. This is an entirely spiritually-guided experience.

You will be exposed to various ways of thinking that give you very accessible opportunities to “open the door” to the first-hand experience of the Spiritual Universe and all that is available there for you. Even while the success of this can not be guaranteed, if you are a dedicated, determined and an open-minded individual, it is entirely possible for you to become drastically more aware of the spiritual universe with far more personal experiences then before you started.

The largest obstacle to face in this course happens to be the purpose we developed a physical world. This world is designed as a slow manifesting experience to word off fearful thoughts which become manifest instantly in the Spiritual-Universe. As you come to experience it, you will quickly realize it has been some form of fear that jarred you back into the physical experience each and every time. It is because of this, the main practice to learn in this course is to forgive each and everything and person till you have absolutely no inclination of a fear or resistance in your mind.

However, you will have teachings in this course on how to examine and identify the aspects within your perception that interprets the Spiritual Universe into the seeming physical one before you. In order to succeed in this course, It is required that you adjust and change your mind about what is real and what is not, essentially turn all perception upside down recognizing the Spiritual Universe is the actual reality and the physical is the actual arbitrary.

This course is not about dogma or teachings of any supreme teacher. This is simply to forefront offer the actual process on experiencing the Spiritual Universe First-Hand for yourself and NOT in stories or tales of miracle workers of old. However, in no way are these teachings somehow against any teacher that has come before. First-Hand experiences could not but support any and all religious practices you may have.

The success of these courses is not based on the certificate of completion but the individual’s honest experience of the Wholly Spiritual Universe. Nor does gaining the certificate of completion give you the right to teach this information but definitely gets you a step closer to doing so. The quizzes and worksheets within these courses are to support your progress, if you miss too much be sure to go back and listen to the lectures before moving on, everything in quiz has been discussed already.

This is One Course of a Course-Series called “Evoking Spirit”. There are seven courses to this series which consist of learning the spiritual perspectives in the areas of smelling, tasting, seeing, feeling, hearing, thinking and communicating. There are seven parts to this series of courses as well as this course has seven main sections each consisting of seven 5-30 minute lectures.

Course Key: It is not that you need to perceive someplace different, you need to perceive the same place differently.

If you are ready to expand your TASTING sensory perception to exceed the limits of the physical world, This is the course for YOU! If you want to get wholly integrated and Ascend to the full awareness of the Spiritual Universe this entire course series is suggested, with the possibility of other additional programs.

You will learn

✓ Learn how to TASTE the movement and emanation of the Spiritual Universe.
✓ Learn how to open the gate-ways of your perceptions to experience the spiritual universe yourself. No stories, No dogmas.
✓ Learn to identify misconceptions of Spiritual practices. This is not Philosophy, this is not Morality. These are forms of Mentality which activate and induce Spirituality experience.


• Dedication to get through fears of the unknown.Determination to think differently.Willingness to learn and take determined steps within yourself.Serious open-mindedness to new ideas and experiences.

This course is for

• People who have been seeking and yet to experience the Spiritual Universe.
• People that want to brake barriers of their limitation.
• People who have questions of whats on the other side of “death”.
Enthusiastic Liberation
     After dedicating the majority of his life to decades of spiritual practice, Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne has returned from a five-year vision quest, living voluntarily in poverty as an independently inspired monk. A time when Devan sought strictly to transcend the separated-world of pain, surrendering every aspect of his life by applying meditation and “forgiveness” to the finest degree. After no longer having anything to give-up, he reached a climaxing “death” experience where he claims to have achieved transcendence beyond the world and the disappearance of the universe. Devan experienced a multi-dimensional perspective beyond time and space, experiencing all of his “past”, alternate “futures” and all of the eternal cosmic-consciousness within that single moment. Even after experiencing the vastness on the cosmos, he saw the benefit of choosing to return to this world for the same reason he was “born” into it to achieve originally. Now Devan lives to fulfill that individual aspect of divine-purpose, raising, and joining with his family as well as here with you sharing a finite-purpose of teaching others to achieve the same.- – – Did you know: All of Rev.Devan’s courses are entirely unscripted. Each course in each series is similar because they are recorded back to back. Yet, completely guided by Spirit and unique. – – – Upon his return from this experience, Devan has been in crystal clear communication with the “Wholly-Spiritual Universe” and claims to comprehend and “recall” the entire order of creation of all reality. Often referencing this to the “Ten Dimensions of Reality”, Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne’s goal here is to support his family while training those who honestly desire liberation and transcendence, EXACTLY how to achieve it.Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne was officially taught how to meditate by the wholly spirit starting around the age of twelve. While his family’s faith did not teach meditation, it taught him with terms he could relate with and understand. It spoke of knowledge that simply made sense and exceeded the teachings of “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints” (Mormons) which he was raised with. With nowhere else to turn for spiritual knowledge he embraced the faith he was familiar with. Always seeking answers and praying he came to many deadness where the church could not answer and his leaders and teachers did not know. However, with his relationship with his inner teacher, the wholly spirit would teach him in crystal clarity and with still, gentleness fulfilling those unanswered questions. After his death experience, this same teacher explained to him the details of what he experienced, the structure of “The Ten Dimensions of Reality” (The Plan of Purification)After high-school, Devan pushed himself with working nights and a scholarship in the performing arts which quickly came to an end. Then he was inspired to become a Licensed Massage Therapist which came second nature to him. This opened his eyes to alternative therapies and modalities such as Reiki, Theta, Gauranga, and Vipassana Meditation. Still reliant on his communication with wholly spirit, after discovering it Rev. Devan understood “A Course in Miracles” naturally. Recognizing it came from the same source of knowledge he was already familiar with.Teaching “A Course in Miracles” for nearly 15 years as a professional podcaster, extending his gift of vision and awareness to homes, churches, and conference centers worldwide. With previous experience and teaching of 10 years in meditation, energy-work, and alternative therapies. Now taking his ability to retain knowledge from these “Akashic Records” and all of these practices to an extraordinary new level of expression and intimacy right into your hands, homes, heads, and hearts. Teaching you how to find it and experience it yourself.Unlike other teachers of “A Course in Miracles”, Devan has taken it literally and did not accept any degree lesser till he achieved every level of knowledge and experience it has to offer. Now living from this whole new perspective far exceeding the tiny life of this person Devan is sharing this guidance in a fun gentle way to all those who seek it; the cosmic eternal-perspective.Absolutely Confident in his interpretation, Devan began his extraordinary journey in two-way communication with “God” at the age of twelve. Yet just like any human learned the ways of a limited world of suffering and pain, simply to accept his role to teach those others who have been in this same addiction (physical perspective), their way out of it.”I return to the world to assist you out of it.” – Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne He is driven to teach Liberation with Enthusiasm and not only peace.You can learn more about Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne’s Death-experience, personal-life, and Spiritual Beliefs by clicking the “Questions” button on the Open and Clear website or by downloading any of his eBooks available free of cost. Invite Rev. Devan for an interview on your program or to teach online or in-person at your event on the contact page on our website.If you have a new course idea or would like to teach a course with Rev. Devan, apply on the contact page on our website. He is currently preparing over 50 inspired courses to be completed before 2021, and hundreds more in the years to come.    
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 13h 43m
Language: English
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