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Talent Management: Applying the Fundamentals

Learning the strategy of acquiring, developing and producing talented individuals for your organisation.
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New Content, July 2021 Update
A new lecture has been added to the course titled: ACE Framework. The lecture introduces us to a framework used to evaluate the compatibility of potential employees within your organisation. This will enable you to get a head start on attracting talent!
You will have a desire to find and improve the organisation through Talent Management: Applying the Fundamentals. Every employee, manager, and director will have the potential attract new people to your organisation. Whether as a Human Resources Manager, a Team Supervisor, or Coach. How you manage the abilities and talents of those around you, is crucial in the success of your organisation. You can achieve successful diversity, maximise experience, and create future opportunities with your talented people. A concise, effective, and thoughtful talent management strategy can build the successful working culture for your organisation. Regardless of your circumstances, you will have the opportunity to learn and apply the information throughout the course.
This course will enable you to:
•Define what talent looks like
•Understand individual and team needs
•Evaluate an organisations talent management strategy
•Find talented individuals
•Recruit and develop talent
•Capitalise on talent leaving
For the Individual
•Define what talent looks like for you
•Appreciate the value of talent management
•Recognise the failures and benefits from managing others careers
For the Team
•Highlight the team talent management needed
•Understand how to allocate resource
•Perform the needs analysis of your team and skills and experience wanted
For the Organisation
•Identify and analysis of talent your organisation seeks
•Recruit, develop, and retain personnel to improve your culture
•Capitalise on the networking potential of talented people whom graduate from the organisation
Questions you may have
1. Do I need to work in Human Resources to do this course?
Answer: No, this course enables those whom manage or supervise others. Human Resource and Non-Human Resource personnel will benefit from the fundamentals taught in this course.
2. Do I have to complete the project?
Answer: Definitely recommended! This course upskills learners through both lecture, quiz, and project work, giving you a chance to apply the knowledge to your circumstances.
3. Do I need to take notes and do homework?
Answer: We encourage our students to take notes and actively listen, this will enable you to understand and then apply the knowledge from the lectures. Our “homework” are active exercises which you can do at work! The tools and methods can be applied at work, and so you can start benefiting in your professional and personal learning.

You will learn

✓ Define what talent looks like
✓ Understand individual and team needs
✓ Evaluate an organisations talent management strategy
✓ Find talented individuals
✓ Recruit and develop talent for the long term
✓ Capitalise when talent leaves


• No, there are no pre-course requirements

This course is for

• Managers – Responsible for a team or organisation, you will be seeking to develop a holistic approach towards talent management, ensuring you acquire the best talent.
• Professionals – You maybe seeking to understand how you could develop your career and the options available to progress within an organisation or team.
• Business Students – You maybe studying human resources, HR, HR analytics whom wish to understand the strategy behind talent management.
Become more than your vision
Welcome, my name is Brett
As a commercial practitioner, my career began with the UK Civil Service under the Government Commercial Function, since then I have been a contractor in both the public and private sectors. Prior to that I lectured in educational institutions, and am a retired sport professional.  I hold formal qualifications in
*Member of Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (MCIPS)
*Masters in Management Consultancy
I have worked in different industries including: defense, education, facilities and estates, health, logistics, security, and sport. Each industry and organisation brought unique challenges and opportunities. The contracts I have managed, cover a range of goods and services from TVs to fighter jets. It is from these experiences, I draw the teaching points for our companies courses.
Having made the jump from education to the public sector, business and finally consulting. I understand the uncertainty of starting out in a new industry or organisation. What I realised was that many of the skills and experience I developed in my career could be transferred. The knowledge I have gained from on the job experience, workshops, postgraduate studies, and online learning, has enabled me to upskill and excel in new roles.
Unlocking efficiencies and achieving value for money, enables an organisation to grow. For the professional like yourself, you will gain a great sense of satisfaction and motivation, like I have, from creating, implementing and developing yourself and others.
The challenge will become, can you believe in yourself to create, the best life for you?
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 44m
Language: English
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