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Tactics for tackling difficult people in life and work

Recognise and use four key skills of self-empowerment when faced with difficult people
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Anyone involved with others – at work or at home – who wants to tackle difficult behaviour more effectively will enjoy this course. It’ll help you successfully settle those difficult interactions that just won’t resolve themselves.

With video demonstrations to support the lectures you’ll quickly learn to handle apparently impossible situations where people just won’t co-operate: bosses, co-workers, customers, patients or members of the public who act in unpleasant, unpredictable ways.
And it isn’t limited to the workplace; if you ever find yourself struggling in your personal relationships there’s help here too.
This course tells you how to identify seven common difficult characters, recognise clues to the patterns in their behaviour, and most importantly, how to understand how to prepare yourself, so that you become more effective more often in your relationships.
This 90-minute course includes 12 video lectures. You’ll also be provided with concise and clearly written downloads to help you practice some recommended exercises and enhance your skills. And there’s a reading list if you want to take your study further.
How to complete the course
The course contains 12 lectures; approximately 50 minutes of video, presented in bite-sized lectures. Reading time for the associated material is approximately 40 minutes. We recommend watching these several times to help you effortlessly absorb the information. We also recommend reflection breaks between each lecture; avoid ‘cramming’ and find a pace that suits you.
This course will help you if:
•You have to deal with challenging behaviour in the course of your work, home life or socially•You work with one or more colleague whose behaviour you find unacceptable, obstructive or overly demanding•You find it difficult to get your point across in certain situations•You are regularly in contact with someone who insults for, puts you down, or manipulates you•You have a partner or ex-partner who persistently uses unfair behaviour to get their own way•You want to more confident in dealing with situations where someone else constantly tries to get the upper hand.————————-

Barry Winbolt MSc is a relationship consultant, mediator and writer. He has over 25 years experience providing training and advice in working relationships, communication skills and personal development.
His highly engaging workshops are designed to be relevant to attendees and to deliver practical skills and techniques that can be applied immediately.
The course looks at the most common kinds of difficult behaviour, and provides you with an essential toolkit for identifying and managing them effectively.

You will learn

✓ Identify the most common kinds of ‘difficult’ behaviour
✓ Recognise and use the four key skills of self-empowerment when faced with challenging behaviour
✓ Use their listening and other skills to create an effective communications ‘stance’
✓ Pre-empt difficult situations and stop them from escalating
✓ Be able to ‘forward plan’ and employ strategies to counter difficult behaviour
✓ Avoid the common pitfalls and stay out of self-defeating cycles of response
✓ Understand how to separate the ‘problem’ from the ‘person’.
✓ Understand how to separate thoughts from feelings to help gain mastery
✓ Use key strategies like ASSUME and SALVAGE to take control of difficult interactions
✓ Plan for more successful outcomes with relationships at work, home and socially.


• No special materials or prior knowledge, everything is provided.

This course is for

• This course on handling difficult behaviour is suitable for all levels of ability. It is designed to help you face challenging situations wherever they happen, at work, in the home, or socially. It will equip you to handle them with flair and confidence. The course will also help you gain insight into your own reactions, and the self-defeating patterns that people can fall into when confronted by difficult behaviour.
• Reception and other front-line staff
• Members of the Helping Professions who have to deal with challenging behaviour
• Educators who have to tackle challenging behaviour
• People who have to deal with difficult colleagues
• Anyone who wants to be able to take control in conversations marked by disagreement or non-compliance.
Peronal development training for life and career
BARRY WINBOLT MSc. is a psychologist, therapist and coach. For more than 25  years he has advised people in many cultures on how toimprove their wellbeing and relationships to enhance the quality of their lives. Over the same period he has provided training and coaching for personal and professional development.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 47m
Language: English
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