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Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam Prep 2021

Pass the Updated Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam on your first try with video lessons, Study Notes, Quizzes & 1:1 chat!
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Table of contents


*UPDATED for the Latest Version of the Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam – August 2021 Update*

Do you wish to pass the Tableau Desktop Specialist exam, and that too on your first attempt? Well, you’re in the right place!
Having trained over 3000 students to pass the exam, I know EXACTLY what to teach you, the current exam trends, and some amazing tricks to help you save loads of time on the exam.
I believe in establishing strong fundamentals, and keeping that in mind I will cover everything from scratch, and make sure by the end of the course –  you are super comfortable with Tableau! I’ll go ahead and say that if you pay attention closely and follow all my tips, recommendations on what to study more, and practice – You will clear the exam on your first attempt with an amazing score.

Don’t take my word for it, check out few of my students’ reviews who have already passed the exam :

“Amandeep is fully involved in helping the students prep properly for the desktop specialist exam. Lots of test questions covering everything – soup to nuts. Got a 92 on my exam.”

“Highly recommended for anyone preparing for Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam! I was able to pass Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam with 95%. The practice tests included are challenging, however there are detailed explanations available and Mr. Amandeep is always ready to answer any further questions.”

“I cleared my Tableau exam yesterday and this course was very helpful in preparing me for the theory questions. I highly recommend taking this course a few weeks prior to your exam.”

“I just took the exam and passed with 87%. I was not so confident as I don’t work with Tableau and didn’t have much time to study lately. This was the last class I bought in order to prepare to the exam and I truly think it helped me a lot! Thank you Amandeep for your class!”

“I passed my exam yesterday .Thanks for this course which was helpful in my preparation.Course is updated with new questions,also it has a break up of theory & practical.I was confident to appear for exam after attempting course questions.Discord platform is available for sailing through the exam preparation phase with others while sharing experiences & lessons learnt.”

“This course is amazing! I took this course after failing the exam (67%) on the first attempt and passed with 95%. I definitely recommend this course as it prepares you for the exam really well. The detailed explanations for each question with links are very helpful. Also, Amandeep is an awesome instructor. He responded to all my messages and helped me with all my questions.”

Features of the course:

1) 5+ hours of Detailed videos – The course contains 720p/1080p video lessons covering the entire Tableau Desktop Specialist exam syllabus IN DEPTH. If you’re a beginner, or someone who has worked with Tableau – there is something for you to learn for sure!

2) Current Exam trends and Discord community – Having helped over 3000 students pass the exam, I know EXACTLY what the current exam trends are (August 2021), which concepts to focus on most, how to save time, and how to score high on your exam! You will also get free access to our discord community where other students share their exam experiences, tips, and you can even speak to other fellow test takers who have passed the exam!

3) Study Notes PDF – To allow you to read on the go, we offer an exlcusive FREE study PDF containing some of the important topics in bullet point format NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE.

4) Updated for the new 2021 version – The course is constantly being updated to match the new exam syllabus and pattern!

5) Multiple ways of solving a problem – In many of the lessons, I’ll discuss not 1, not 2, but THREE ways of solving a problem, and you can decide which one suits you best!

6) Quiz after each Section – After each section, a quiz will help you quickly recap the most important points! This way, you are more likely to remember everything better.

7) FULLY UPDATED – Most courses out there claim to be up-to-date, but in reality they’re not! This course is based on the Latest August 2021 update from Tableau, so you don’t have to worry about using outdated content EVER.

8) 30 day Money back guarantee – I’m confident that you’ll love this course, but if you don’t – you can apply for a 100% refund within 30 days – no questions asked 🙂

9) Guaranteed response within 24 hours – Have any queries or doubts? Drop them in the instructor inbox or the Q/A forum, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

10) Mobile support – You can access this course on any mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop – anytime & anwhere!

11) Full lifetime access – You maintain a full lifetime access to these courses, so even if you buy today, you can use them anytime at a later date!

12) Test reports – At the end of each practice test, you will have the option to view an auto-generated report showing you which areas need improvement so you can study those topics a little more!

The course will cover the following areas as on the exam blueprint:
•Understanding Tableau Concepts
•Connecting to & Preparing Data
•Exploring & Analyzing Data
•Sharing Insights

Want to pass the Tableau Desktop Specialist exam on the first go? Lets dive in! Give your career a push, ENROLL TODAY!

You will learn

✓ Pass the Updated Desktop Specialist Exam 2021 on your first attempt!
✓ Tips and Tricks to save time on the exam, and answer questions quickly!
✓ Practice exams with real exam like questions to help you be fully prepared for the exam by identifying your weak points!
✓ Quizzes to test your knowledge after every section!
✓ Fundamentals – Dimensions vs Measures & Discrete vs Continuous
✓ Live vs Extracts in Tableau
✓ Renaming a Data Field, Creating Aliases
✓ Creating Joins, Unions, Blends
✓ Creating charts – Bar Charts, Stacked Bar Charts, Line Charts, Dual Axis Chart, Combined Axis Chart, Heat Maps, Highlight Tables, Cross Tabs, and Scatter Plots!
✓ Creating groups – Data Pane, Visually, and using Labels!
✓ Dates – Date parts vs Date values
✓ Different file types – .tds, .tdsx, .twb , .twbx , .tde , .hyper
✓ Change the data type and default properties for fields
✓ Use Sorting, manual sorts, and organise dimensions into a hierarchy!
✓ Using Filters – Discrete, Continuous, and Dates!
✓ Creating parameters
✓ Use Colors, Bolding, Fonts, and Shapes
✓ Create a dashboard, modify its layout, and share it
✓ Use dashboard actions
✓ Create a story using dashboards or views


• No prior knowledge is needed!
• Willingness to learn and pass the updated 2021 exam with an amazing score!

This course is for

• ANYONE (Students, Professionals, Executives) looking to learn Tableau and pass the updated 2021 Desktop Specialist Exam!
• People looking to give their career a push, or just learn a new skill!

How much does the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam Prep 2021 course cost? Is it worth it?

The course costs $17.99. And currently there is a 82% discount on the original price of the course, which was $99.99. So you save $82 if you enroll the course now.
The average price is $12.7 of 17 Tableau Desktop Specialist courses on Udemy.

Does the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam Prep 2021 course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam Prep 2021 has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

Currently we could not find a scholarship for the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam Prep 2021 course, but there is a $82 discount from the original price ($99.99). So the current price is just $17.99.

Who is the instructor? Is Amandeep Sawhney • 34,000+ Students a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

Amandeep Sawhney • 34,000+ Students has created 7 courses that got 3,145 reviews which are generally positive. Amandeep Sawhney • 34,000+ Students has taught 41,666 students and received a 4.5 average review out of 3,145 reviews. Depending on the information available, Amandeep Sawhney • 34,000+ Students is a TRUSTED instructor.
Tableau Expert
Amandeep is a data scientist pursuing his Masters degree in Computer Science with a keen desire to share his knowledge with others. He is famous amongst his students for making complex topics simple to understand. Having cleared many certifications, he has made it his goal to help all others trying to clear them. Apart from teaching and learning new skills, he loves to play chess and travel.


CourseMarks Score®







Platform: Udemy
Video: 6h 34m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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