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Synchronization in Linux Kernel Programming

Linux Kernel Programming - Synchronization and Concurrency
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Table of contents


Update: Sep 15: Added RCU Section
What you will learn in this course
•Various concepts related to concurrency like: preemption, context switch, reentrancy, critical section, race condition
•Various Synchronization techniques
•Per CPU Variables
•Atomic Variables
•Read Write Locks
•Sequence Locks
•Read Copy Update(RCU)

•spinlock_t, DEFINE_SPINLOCK, spin_lock, spin_unlock, spin_trylock, spin_lock_irqsave, spin_unlock_irqrestore,spin_lock_irq, spin_unlock_irq
•atomic_t, atomic64_t, ATOMIC_INIT, atomic_inc, atomic_dec, atomic_set, atomic_read, atomic_add, atomic_sub,
atomic_dec_and_test, atomic_inc_and_test, atomic_sub_and_test, atomic_add_negative,atomic_add_return, atomic_sub_return, atomic_inc_return, atomic_dec_return,atomic_fetch_add, atomic_fetch_sub, atomic_cmpxchg, atomic_xchg,set_bit, clear_bit, change_bit, test_and_set_bit, test_and_clear_bit, test_and_change_bit,
•NR_CPUS,num_online_cpus,smp_processor_id,get_cpu,put_cpu,DEFINE_PER_CPU,get_cpu_var, put_cpu_var, per_cpu, for_each_online_cpu, alloc_percpu,  free_percpu, per_cpu_ptr
•rcu_read_lock, rcu_read_unlock, synchronize_rcu, call_rcu, rcu_assign_pointer, rcu_dereference
•seqlock_t, seqcount_t, DEFINE_SEQLOCK, seqlock_init, write_seqlock, write_sequnlock
•struct rw_semaphore, DECLARE_RWSEM, init_rwsem, down_read, up_read, down_write, up_write, down_read_trylock, down_write_trylock, downgrade_write
•struct rwlock_t, DEFINE_RWLOCK, rwlock_init, read_lock, read_unlock, write_lock, write_unlock
•struct mutex, DEFINE_MUTEX, mutex_init, mutex_lock, mutex_unlock, mutex_trylock, mutex_lock_interruptible, mutex_unlock_interruptible, mutex_is_locked
•struct semaphore, sema_init, DEFINE_SEMAPHORE, down, up, down_interruptible, down_trylock, down_timeout, down_killable

Commands used in the course
•ps -eaF
•ps aux

You will learn

✓ Synchronization concepts in Linux Kernel


• Should be able to write/understand Hello World Linux Kernel Module
• Should be able to write/understand Linux Kernel Modules for /proc filesystem

This course is for

• Linux Kernel Developers interested in learning various synchronization techniques
Trainer at Linux Weekend Learning
I have been working on Linux for more than 7 years. I have seen many people still lack their skills on Linux. So, i am working on courses for Linux which will make them Learn Linux in an easy way. The agenda of my courses will be more practical and less theoretical. Show more examples and you will easily grab the concepts.
Order of Learning
1. Learn Linux User Space Debugging
2. Learn Linux Kernel Programming
3. Character Device Drivers in Deep
4. Memory management in Linux Kernel
5. Synchronization in Linux Kernel Programming
6. Linux Kernel Development Model and Compilation
7. Linux Device Drivers – Communicating with Hardware
8. Interrupts and Bottom Halves in Linux Kernel
9. System calls in deep
10. Timing Subsystem in deep
11. Embedded Linux using Yocto
12. Embedded Linux using Yocto Part 2
13. Embedded Linux using Yocto Part 3
14. Embedded Linux using Yocto Part 4
15. Testing Linux Kernel
16. Debugging Linux kernel in deep – Part 1
17. Debugging Linux kernel in deep – Part 2
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 31m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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