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SMART LEARNING -All About your Brain & Learning How to Learn

Find learning success with Learner strategies and Memory Secrets; + Mind Mapping, MindMaps, Neuroscience
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The course gives SIMPLE strategies and a better understanding of how to help yourself or others become great learners .The course currently has a section on understanding what is likely to help and what is likely to hinder learning and a section on various strategies and techniques to help enhance learning. I also discus theories and modes about how your brain works (based on NEUROSCIENCE).
The course in its original format was designed for Parents and teachers to help the children in their care become effective learners. However it soon became clear (from the participant feedback and as further lectures were added) how helpful this course is to EVERYONE. For many of us, school actually sabotaged our natural learning abilities: so this course, whatever your age, can get your natural LEARNABILITY back on track.
So how can we best encourage our learning to be effective?
If we enjoy learning, we are 8/10ths of the way to becoming good learners and great students. However If we don’t or didn’t enjoy ‘school’, or college and learning is a ‘chore’, then we struggle. If it is us doing the ‘teaching’ and the ‘students’ are our own children for example, then unless they have our understanding, our unconditional love and our continuing support we can actually sabotage their best efforts (as this course demonstrates).
Let us not forget that Einstein was a late talker, a slow learner and did very poorly at school. Many highly successful people received poor reports at school. So whatever your age now, your performance at school is or was not a good predictor about how successful you can be. So let’s take the pressure off and focus on what we do well and let’s stop doing the things that hinder natural learning progress.
Our ‘LEARN-ABILITY’ – the ability to learn (and how good we are at it) is key to our success as human beings in the 21st Century and WE ALL HAVE IT.
As a bonus the course includes my two part  “Five Secrets of Memory” Webinar recording

You will learn

✓ make learning effortless and enjoyable
✓ understand more about how the brain works
✓ grasp the main ideas about what helps and what hinders learning
✓ develop strategies to help both adults and children learn and remember
✓ how our education system can hinder rather than help our ‘education’


• A grasp of English but otherwise no special skills

This course is for

• Anyone undertaking exams or new qualifications
• Anyone who has difficulty with exams
• Anyone interested in the process of Learning
• Anyone interested in how the brain works
• Parents wanting to help their children excel
• Teachers wanting to help pupils excel
Mind Mapping, Wellness, and Learning Coach
I’m a speaker, trainer, and personal development coach based in the UK with a special interest in the brain, accelerated learning and people development.  My present focus is  developing high quality, simple, innovative, life-skills based, video e-learning courses. I now have around 35,000 students in more than 160 countries – this is the reach and power of e-learning.
My ‘MIND MAPPING MASTERY’ Course is currently the NUMBER ONE Personal Development course in the mind mapping niche, with more than twice the number of enrollments and ten times the number of four and five-star reviews compared to the next most popular course. A course that’s genuinely worth paying that little bit extra for. 
A bit of background information about me: 
I’ve worked in schools, colleges and universities in the UK, and also in the corporate and SME sector, working with students, teachers, apprentices, managers and leaders. My background is actually in clinical science where I ran an NHS Clinical Biochemistry Department in a District General Hospital and I was also a Quality Consultant to my local hospitals and local Health Authority. I also have an active interest in Health and Healing.
Back in 1996, after training in ‘mental literacy’ with Tony Buzan (the inventor of Mind Mapping), I set up my own training company the House of Learning. A year later, I put some of my new skills to the test and competed in the World Memory and the World Speed Reading Championships (silver medal position in the latter). Altogether, I have 20 years experience working in the personal development sector and in the field of business leadership. I am also a teacher and practitioner of Reiki and I have a Udemy course about the ‘Science of Healing’ 
‘Mind Mapping Mastery’ was my first course in this marketplace and I now also have a ‘Smart Learning’ , ‘Smart Speaking’ and a ‘Smart Teaching’ course all of which incorporate mind mapping into the teaching. I have several more courses in the pipeline. Many of my students have English as a second language and they find my courses easy to follow.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 3m
Language: English
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