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Super Easy Learning Strategies That Boosts Your Study Skills

Studying Skills and Learning Strategies That'll Improve Your Memory. Learn the best learning strategies & Study Skills.
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***UPDATED January 2021***

Do you feel like you struggle to learn or study? Are you interested in discovering more learning strategies that will boost your study skills while showing you how to improve your memory?

If you do, please know that you are not alone!

Over the past year, I have spoken with students who say the same thing. They don’t know how to learn over the computer.

That’s why this course is created – for you to learn at your computer just like you learning at your desk.

These learning strategies and study skills in this course are ideal for middle school, high school, and college students as it shows you various study methods and some of the best study tools.

First, understand that Learning Strategies are different for students IN-CLASS versus those learning in a blended learning or online learning school.

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The course includes:
•Tells you how you best learn
•Understand how the brain works and improve your memory
•Develop routines for school and non-school related tasks to make studying easier
•Create a schedule from set up reminders in your calendar
•Organize your note-taking so it can be written on paper or digitally
•Unlock the answers to questions by decoding the verbs
•Develop a virtual toolbox where you will choose your e-tools

What’s included in this course?
•10 video presented chunked into easy to understand lessons
•10 assignments that help explain and reinforce your lessons that will develop your study skills
•Templates that you can update whenever you want to update your learning strategies at any time.
•Compiled and updated a list of over 100 websites, extensions and apps to build your virtual toolbox

Who am I?
I’m a seasoned teacher and administrator, having worked on both the middle and high school levels, which helps students regain their confidence in themselves.

Having been fortunate to learn many study skills and learning strategies from many people across the world, I have compiled them into this course, which I know will positively impact you.

This course is designed to bridge traditional in-school learning with digital learning.  Through this 10 lesson course, students will create their own virtual toolbox.

You will learn

✓ Tells you how you best learn so you can begin to see the differences in learning strategies
✓ Understand how the brain works and how to make it more efficient to help improve your memory
✓ Develop routines for school and non-school related tasks
✓ Create a schedule from set up reminders in your calendar which is an important study skill
✓ Organize your note-taking so it can be written on paper or digitally remains one of the top study skills
✓ Unlock the answers to questions by decoding the verbs
✓ Develop a virtual toolbox where you will choose your e-tools that anyone can use regardless of their learning strategy


• Access to a device where they feel comfortable working online
• Suitable for Apple or PC/Android

This course is for

• Middle School or High School students who struggle to learn at the computer
• College students wanting to find a better and easier way to learn
• Anyone who struggles with organization
• Anyone wanting to be a super learner
• Anyone wishing they could learn smarter and easier
• Anyone who feels overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin
• Anyone wanting to improve their memory
• Anyone wanting to learn effective study techniques
• Anyone who feels like they know the information but can’t share it with the teacher
Educator Helping to Improve Study Skills & Learning
Aaron Smith, author, and a professional speaker with expertise in STEM, and workplace readiness assists community leaders bridge academia to businesses.
He’s recently published Blank Check: What if you were asked to reinvent public education, a novel designed to inspire a new generation to help fix the public school system in America.
His resume includes highlights such as the Crystal Star Award from the National Dropout Prevention Center and the State Partnership Award from the Virginia Department of Education.
He currently works on several innovative projects that enhance the education continuum by planting the seeds for strong autonomous learning.
His goal is simple – to help make learning better by finding the right learning strategies to improve your memory and study skills so you can become a super learner.
Workplace Readiness Solutions bridges academia to business by focusing on transferrable skills needed for the future of work.
By working locally but thinking globally, the end result produces the foundation for autonomous learning that will increase the quality of life for a prosperous society.
So if you want to learn the latest trends in learning, studying, and developing the right skills to improve your memory, be sure to take one of Dr. Smith’s courses. 
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 6m
Language: English
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