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Struggling to Learn Chemical Names and Formulas?

7 Ions You Need to Know to Pass Chemistry, Plus What Really Matters in the Periodic Table
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Not sure how to get started learning chemistry? Confused when your teacher talks about chemicals? Confounded by chemical formulas and names?

You’ve just found the fastest and most comprehensive method for getting started with chemistry. It’s based on what I learned in about a decade of teaching chemistry to university students that just needed to pass a chem class to get on with their lives. It’s also quite effective for science enthusiasts who want to know as much about chemical names and formulas as their teacher.

This course serves two purposes. First, it will get you very familiar with how the periodic table works. That’s fairly important for passing a chemistry class;) Second, we will learn about 7 important chemical building blocks that are NOT on the periodic table. Learning only these 7 chemicals will open the gateway to understanding about half of the chemicals that will ever be discussed in a typical chemistry class. That’s a tremendous amount of value for knowing just 7 things… do you know specifically which 7 “polyatomic ions” I’m talking about?

In case you are wondering, this class will discuss the octet rule, ions, polyatomic ions, and ionic compounds. You will quickly learn the names and formulas for all of the ionic compounds. I’ve organized many, many chapters of textbook information into just 6 pages of worksheet-style, follow-along exercises. Not only will I give you all the correct answers, but I’ll show and explain in video format exactly where the correct answers come from. In just a few hours, you too can master the names and formulas of most of the chemicals you’ll find in a typical chemistry “wet lab.”

You will learn

✓ You’ll master chemical names, formulas, and ionic bonding
✓ You’ll be familiar with about half of the chemicals discussed in a typical chemistry class
✓ You’ll truly understand the periodic table of the elements


• None.

This course is for

• If you need to pass a chemistry class.
• If you want to know as much about chemical names and formulas as your teacher.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 28m
Language: English
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