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Stock Market investment: Non financial fundamental analysis

Build your business acumen. Investment fundamental analysis of companies on the stock market without using financials.
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As an investor, how often do you findyourself lost when you try to read the company’sreports? How often are you able to decode how a certain market event willaffect a company? How do you know whether a company has the right dividendpolicy for you as a shareholder? Does this company have a sustainable competitiveadvantage that allows it to be profitable years down the road?

When it comes to fundamental analysis,most courses would talk about financialanalysis, ratio analysis, PE ratios, and efficiency ratios. Yes, these aredefinitely important. What about the qualitative factors of the company?Qualitative factors will provide better insights into what will happen into thefuture when combined with other methods of analysis.

Wewill start off by learning about the business lifecycle. Then we move ontopower and competitive analysis. And finally we will end off the course with 3quality case studies.

Unlike some other courses out there whereyou just hear instructors talking endlessly, andyou only see text in their power point presentation, thiscourse will include animations, images, charts and diagrams help you understandthe various concepts.

I promise I will not be teaching generic unactionableideas like you must buy low and sell high. Also, this is also not a motivationclass where I preach to you that you must work hard to succeed, or you musthave discipline to profit from the market.

In this course, I will teach you exactmethods and frame work.

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You will learn

✓ Understand business lifecycle and its linkage with dividend policy.
✓ Appreciate why some companies are acting in the best interest of shareholders by not paying dividends.
✓ Recognize the market forces that can affect a company’s power.
✓ Learn how companies achieve economies of scale.
✓ Analyse a company’s Moat and competitive power in a systemic way.
✓ Read the company’s 10-K and 10-Q with confidence.
✓ Appreciate the limitations of non the financial analysis method.


• Having some knowledge of accounting would be good but not mandatory.

This course is for

• Investors who wish to do their own stock market research.
• Investors who are looking for others methods to improve their existing research.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 0m
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