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Steps to Self Mastery & Happiness

The Game of Life & Success
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The Game of Life and Success in Brief

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way you are right” – Henry Ford

The Game of Life & Success – Steps to Self Mastey & Happiness, presents insightful and focused life-altering ‘steps’ to bring about profound personal transformation and, as a consequence, the accomplishment of your chosen future desired state, realistic dreams and goals.

Living these ‘steps’ will have a direct influence on your thinking and consequently empower you to manifest the life and relationships you want, as well as enable you to bring about a highly successful career/business/organisation.

The Game of Life and Success taps into ancient wisdom dating back thousands of years and this is intertwined with current success principles as well as ‘modern’ knowledge gained through researching the connection between thoughts and outcomes. This knowledge is now widely accepted and the principles are used successfully in business and all aspects of life.

The ‘step’s also draw on Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – Psychology.

Heads of families, companies/organisations, informal enterprises, and leaders of countries- each and every one can, if willing, accept stewardship of an ever-present, powerful collective ‘energy’. How this ‘energy’ is managed by each individual either inspires or demoralises those in his/her sphere of activity, whether in the workplace or at home.

Equally striking is the established fact that the manner in which individuals (leaders for example) focus, invest, mobilise this (collective – where applicable) ‘energy’, creates the reality brought about (collectively and/or individually).

The Game of Life and Success offers ‘steps’ to both leaders and individuals to effectively manage their individual and/or collective ‘energy’ in order to produce phenomenal outcomes.

Amongst a multitude of other outcomes, working with the ‘steps’ will enable you to discover the essence of who you are, identify your passion and to follow it while leading a purposeful, balanced, effective, and fulfilled life.

The Game of Life and Success affords you the opportunity to radically change the way you think and what you believe; therefore the way you see the world, yourself, others, and how you view success, life, relationships, your career, and businesses/organisations. Once you find your immediate world changing for the better, you will discover that those positive effects spread in an ever-widening circle, like the ripples on a pond. This, inevitably, will enable you to magnetically draw to yourself, your business/organisation that which you desire.

“The life you live and the reality in which you find yourself, is a direct result of the choices you make moment by moment” – Steve Krummeck

You will learn

✓ You will learn to mastery choice, your choices, and make choices to maximise your life, relationships, career, and business / organisation.
✓ Learn techniques to realise the life YOU want, and take steps to realise that life.
✓ Learn to master the technique of manifesting your realistic, achievable thoughts.
✓ Your thoughts manifest into behaviours, and therefore the results, relationships, career, and business you draw towards you. Master and control your thoughts.
✓ Techniques will be taught whereby you can learn to master your mental and physical health.
✓ Learn to know and understand who you are and love that person. An outcome from this that you will learn is to lead an authentic life, being true to who you are.
✓ Learn what internal fear is, where fear comes from, why fear has a negative grip on you, how to overcome your fears, and move past fear/s controlling you.
✓ Discover your wants, needs, dreams, aspirations, passion and purpose in life, and take steps to realise all the foregoing.
✓ Learn what’s needed in effective interpersonal relationships.
✓ Accept and let go of inhibiting past events.
✓ Take steps to devise an achievable measurable life strategy – Entails goal & intention setting, writing affirmations, and taking steps to realise the foregoing.
✓ You will uncover your core values and take steps to live them.
✓ Identify your beliefs which drive your behaviour and let go of inhibiting beliefs. You’ll also learn to formulate and imbed empowering internal beliefs.
✓ Learn to harness your mind power. This will assist you learn to realise your wants, needs, goals, the career /business you want, and the relationships you want.
✓ Learn what true happiness is, as well as techniques to realise a degree of happiness.


• You will require the following for the self-mastery course. Namely a white piece of cardboard measuring approximately 40cm X 40cm (15.75 inches X 15.75 inches), a set of crayons or a soft pastel set, some pens (including a mix of colour pens), and some “post it notes”.

This course is for

• Target students include those wishing to embark on a self-development, personal transformation, and self-mastery journey.
• Target studends also include people wishing to master themselves, their lives, their relationships, and their career.
• In essence, target students also include those who want to master the steps and processes in “Game of Life & Success” and take concrete “Steps to Self-Mastery & Happiness”.
Leadership Coach & Published Self-Mastery Author
Steve is a professional certified Transformation and Leadership Coach / Facilitator, focusing on interventions such as one-on-one / group coaching and customised transformation interventions. This includes workshops on his book, “The Game of Life – Self Mastery and Happiness” (personal mastery/transformation for individuals, groups, and companies/organisations), The Happiness Now workshop, and The Invitation.

While working in the corporate sector from 1987 to 2005, Steve held senior leadership positions in administrative management, marketing management, human resource management, project management, and ethics.

His coach certification was obtained through the University of Stellenbosch – Executive Development Ltd (in South Africa) and the I-Coach Academy which is based in the United Kingdom with branches in New York and South Africa.

He has an array of skills ranging from project management, marketing management, human resource management, business management, total ethics management, public relations, reengineering, and communications. Steve’s skills are backed by various qualifications which include a National Diploma in Public Relations, Business Management, Marketing Management, Project Management, and Human Resource Management. Steve is also a certified Ethics Officer with the Ethics Institute of South Africa.

Steve worked in the corporate world from 1987 to 2005. He often spoke at conferences (locally and internationally) on the subject of fraud prevention, ethics, and total ethics management. In many quarters in South Africa he was recognised as a leader in respect of fraud awareness (an extension of fraud prevention) and ethics interventions.

Through transformation, leadership, business and self-mastery coaching, and his passion and dedication to make a positive difference to individuals, companies, and the various organisations where he has worked, Steve has built up a string of successes. His approach brought about empowered, highly productive, balanced individuals; This in turn resulted in effective, inspired, value-add teams; able to use their initiative and feel happy in their work environment.

Steve works on the foundation that as individuals we are all connected to one another and therefore have a profound effect on others, companies, organisations, countries and the world as a whole.

Steve is a highly motivated, positive, and inspirational individual who thrives on challenge and change, and delights in seeking new and interesting experiences. He feels a strong impulse to ignite individuals’ and teams’ inherent inner strengths and abilities. Where this is achieved, a new-found passion to reach previously unimagined success, happiness and fulfilment energises the individual and/or the teams’. It’s through this belief and value system that, while in the corporate world for over twenty years, he consistently led teams that stood out above all others, producing unmatched results.

His life mission is to assist others to live balanced purposeful, effective and fulfilled lives, as well as empower leaders to be exceptional as indivuduals and leaders. His mission includes assisting his clients to discover their innate power and authentic selves, realise the essence of who they are, as well as how to master their thoughts, and thereby lead phenomenal lives. His mission is also to profoundly affect human beings’ value systems so as to bring about a unified focus on the nurturing and protection of our life-giving planet, including all thriving and threatened species.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 5h 39m
Language: English
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