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SQL Server 2019 Data Analytics & Tableau Data Visualisation

Learn SQL for Business & Statistical Analysis, Marketing, Data Management and BI
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Knowledge is power , right ?
Not quite ! , it’s potential power, like a battery , electrical charge waiting to be used in a device.
The same applies to your knowledge!
Do you think database design, SQL Knowledge and data visualisation is important in our age of big data and analytics ?
Well it is ! in fact SQL accounts for 90% of the requirements to perform data analysis and then how do we present the data ?
100% of the time us analysts present data graphically using software for example Tableau, QlikSense, Python, R, SAS and more
Are there enough people to fill the current job market in the data analysis world ?
No, the demand is growing ! And until relational databases die off then we will always need SQL Skills !
For the most part Data Analysts can command 6 figure salaries and more if you are top of the game. My pay for 2019 was the top end of 6 figures!
Are you concerned that you have no experience in this area , yet !?
Don’t be !  everyone heading into Data Analysis and Visualisation has to start somewhere !
So why buy this course as there is a lot to choose from !?
Because this course is comprehensive , in other words it is detailed enough to get started and gradually work up to the advanced concepts
Yes all courses say theirs is the best ! But I will leave it to you to look at the sections and see just how much learning material is here for you to absorb and build your knowledge.
In summary this course …
•Is very comprehensive at every level
•Starts with easy topics and builds up to complex topics
•Tons of practice assignments after each lecture to reinforce your knowledge and skills
•Includes large sample data sets for download used during the course (and after for you to research more)
•Learn to develop data visualisations with Tableau and assignments for you to participate in
•Section quizzes to further test how you think you would go at interviews and job reviews
•Achievement awards based on your Quiz results
In my humble opinion
This course is the most comprehensive and practical that you can buy.
It is a culmination of my real world work experience in the data analysis and visualisation world.
It will get you going with your career expectations
I have helped 85,000+ students achieve their skills requirements through my courses here on Udemy.
Here is a quote from one of my QlikView students back in March 2020 …
I just wanted to let you know that thanks to your training, I’ve got a new job in Zurich as a Business Intelligence and Qlikview Developer.
I was working as BI Specialist and Data Scientist before but I was learning QlikView thanks to your course.
Are you keen to enrol ?
Well, check out the other courses first to compare to and you will see the difference , you be the judge
If you buy this course and it turns out is not for you there is the 30 day money back guarantee, a win win for you.
Looking forward to seeing you in the course.
Data Analyst and Visualisation Engineer

You will learn

✓ Become highly competent in writing all types of SQL (simple to complex) preparing you for your BI Projects
✓ With SQL skills learned here you can extract data from any Relational Database including Oracle,PostgreSQL,MySQL and many more
✓ How to visualise the data using Tableau the most popular data visualisation & business intelligence tool out there
✓ Write DDL, DCL, TCL code so you can create and manage your own database(s) from scratch
✓ Be proficient in using SQL Server Management Studio to develop your data analysis solutions
✓ Work with scenarios that prepare you for the questions that users will ask of their data, including gnarly & complex questions
✓ Code table Joins from simple to complex so you will never be stuck in this again, a common stumbling block for SQL coders
✓ Learn to create Primary and Foreign key constraints for data integrity
✓ Learn the aggregation functions in SQL preparing data for visualisation
✓ Write powerful Window functions such as LAG()
✓ Every lecture is followed with an exercise for you to practice what you have learned in the previous lecture
✓ Quizzes at the end of each section to test your knowledge
✓ Develop Tableau worksheets to incorporate into dashboards
✓ Create your own dashboard based on your own learning from the course
✓ Showcase a project dashboard based on your ideas and show this to anyone including prospective employers
✓ Approaching interviews and their inherent catch and scenario questions
✓ Did I mention Triggers and Stored procedures ? Yes learn these too!
✓ Understand the difference between old style dated SQL and ANSI SQL best practice
✓ Learn how to make queries work better with Indexes for query performance enhancement
✓ What are Common Table Expressions (CTE) find out how to code these and exploit them.
✓ User defined functions and Table functions are very useful, you will learn to create and use these as well
✓ Learn to code Cross Joins and how to leverage these in analysis
✓ Learn about the SQL Server Architecture and SET Theory
✓ How to Insert , Update and Delete data
✓ Learning SQL also means you are becoming proficient in T-SQL
✓ Data wrangling like you would do in the corporate environment
✓ And many more topics


• You love a challenge and the chance to practice solving real problems
• No prior experience is required as we will start from the very basics.
• A desire to have fun and enjoy the learning experience, no dull monotonic/robotic lectures in this course at all

This course is for

• Looking to start a career in Business Intelligence and Data Analysis
• Anyone looking to learn SQL from scratch to becoming highly competent
• Anyone that wants develop their potential power in Data Analysis and Business Intelligence with confidence
• Anyone looking to refresh or enhance existing skills
• Those that are curious about how Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation (using Tableau) works
• Those that need to know about specific subjects of relational databases e.g. Indexing, Window functions etc
• Students that demand detailed instruction and practice assignments
• Students that expect their questions to be answered properly
Data Analyst and Qlik Development Specialist @ awari
G’Day and Welcome,
When I get reviews like this one “oh my goodness. I cracked an Interview using this course” then I know my Qlik course material is hitting the spot and delivering career solutions for my students …
October 2021 News: Just released – Full content update for the “Certificate in Qlik Sense Analytics Development” , complete make over , new and revised content along with refined quizzes and code challenges.
As well as my normal consulting work in business and government I teach here on Udemy, there are 3 very distinct technology specialisations I work within and these are QlikView, Qlik Sense and SQL Server for delivering Data Analytics and Visualisations. In my downtime I go out and fly as a private pilot (that’s my passion too) .
In addition 2 of my Qlik courses are offered on Udemy For Business (UFB) .
QlikView and QlikSense
Professionally I have been delivering QlikView  solutions to business and government users for the past 9 years and Qlik Sense since it first released in 2014. Qlik delivers these products to the market and is an industry leader in the BI and Analytics world with more than 50,000 organisations using Qlik products.
SQL Server
I have been delivering data analytics with the SQL Server (Tech Stack) for more than 18 years as this technology (in my humble opinion) is the best Relational Database and Data Warehouse (Mart) product on the market and will continue to be well into the future.
Because of my passion and experience working with these technologies in the real-world you can be assured that you will be getting first class training from my courses here on Udemy.
I am looking forward to sharing my ongoing experience and passion for data analytics with you. 
Looking forward to seeing you in one of my courses soon.
Stay safe and well , looking forward to you joining in the courses.
Kind Regards
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 21h 32m
Language: English
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