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SQL Server Replication in the Real World

A Practical Approach to Using SQL Server Replication
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“The trainer has a nice clear voice and the most important is that he does not rush through the subject, which is the problem with many instructors. By speaking slowly and displaying every step, it saves us time by not having to replay every section over and over, thanks for this.” – Andres

Welcome to SQL Server Replication in the Real World.
In this course, you’ll learn how to correctly configure the three replication topologies specific to SQL Server.
Replication is a way of distributing data automatically from a source database to one or more destination databases.
In this course, we are going to cover three core topologies.
They are, Snapshot Replication, Transactional Replication and Merge Replication.
It has also been used to for high availability solution but that’s not recommend.
Replication is for continuous data transfer and is not used for simply copying data.
The two most common real world applications for replication are reporting and data warehousing.
I’ve also seen it used for off-loading nightly batch processing tasks.
Replication uses a Magazine Publishing vocabulary. Anything from an article to an entire database can be replicated.
In the course, we are going to cover all the nomenclature, architecture and real world tips and tricks you’ll need to keep replication functioning without issue.
Thanks for your interest in SQL Server Replication in the Real World.  We will see you in the course!!!

You will learn

✓ You’ll understand the architecture behind SQL Server replication.
✓ You’ll be able to make decisions on which replication topology is right for any scenario your in.
✓ You’ll be able to set up all three flavors of SQL Server Replication.


• You’ll need a basic understanding of SQL Server.
• This isn’t an entry level course.
• You’ll need to have access to a SQL Server version that enterprise level. (Standard would be best)
• Please download a copy of the Adventureworks database.
• Additionally, you’ll need two separate instances installed to test replication.

This course is for

• Anyone using SQL Server who needs to move data between two environments.
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I’m the founder of LogikBot. I’ve worked at Microsoft and Uber. I helped design courses for Microsoft’s Data Science Certifications. If you’re interested in machine learning, I can help.
I’ve worked with databases for over two decades. I’ve worked for or consulted with over 50 different companies as a full time employee or consultant. Fortune 500 as well as several small to mid-size companies. Some include: Georgia Pacific, SunTrust, Reed Construction Data, Building Systems Design, NetCertainty, The Home Shopping Network, SwingVote, Atlanta Gas and Light and Northrup Grumman. 
Over the last five years I’ve transitioned to the exciting world of applied machine learning.  I’m excited to show you what I’ve learned and help you move into one of the single most important fields in this space.
Experience, education and passion 
I learn something almost every day. I work with insanely smart people. I’m a voracious learner of all things SQL Server and I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned. My area of concentration is performance tuning. SQL Server is like an exotic sports car, it will run just fine in anyone’s hands but put it in the hands of skilled tuner and it will perform like a race car. 
Certifications are like college degrees, they are a great starting points to begin learning. I’m a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA), Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). 
Born in Ohio, raised and educated in Pennsylvania, I currently reside in Atlanta with my wife and two children.    
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 14m
Language: English
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