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SPSS: Cleaning and Preparing Your Data For Accurate Analyses

Warning! Dirty data will invalidate your results and ruin your study!
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Praise for Todd’s coaching and consulting…
Todd, you are amazing! I appreciate your editing services! The 1st line on my AQR review is “congrats for a strong 1st submission”. I actually had no dings on my grammar etc. (Doctoral Candidate, Arizona)
Todd surpasses all expectations! He has a wealth of knowledge and skill, provides high-quality professional products and is an absolute pleasure to work with. (Nonprofit Consultant, New York)
I highly recommend Dr. Bottom. He is innovative in his approach to solving problems, strategic, highly analytic and persistent.  Thanks Todd. (University Research Director, Atlanta)
Todd is a passionate and thorough consultant who came through for LCL when it counted most. He provided a comprehensive report that helped to strategically guide the organization through a critical transition period. (Nonprofit Owner, Chicago)
About This Course
This course on data cleaning contains a great amount of detail and was designed to give you step-by-step examples for everything from anticipating data cleaning needs to determining what to do with missing data that will surely impress your colleagues and committee.  With our lectures we also provide the PowerPoint slides and other very helpful supporting materials that you can download to use for practice or for your own data project.
One of the most challenging yet rewarding academic experiences that one can accomplish is earning a doctoral degree.  However, many doctoral students – especially those in fully or partial online programs – struggle with the early stages of developing their dissertation.
It is extremely important to plan all aspects your dissertation study with an end goal in mind because decisions that you make during early stages can, and likely will, have an impact on later stages and the final production of your project.  This course is designed for students and professional researchers who are either about to begin analyzing their study data, or who are in the process of developing their data collection method.
However, the course is not limited to those who are in a doctoral program or who are conducting a dissertation project.  Others who will find the course to be helpful include undergraduate students, early career researchers, and those who wish to learn about the process of conducting rigorous research studies.
In addition to the technical skills, here is what you will get from the course:
•Anticipate cleaning before or during collection
•Why not all missing data are the same
•Importance of recording the cleaning process and decisions
•What part of cleaning to report in a manuscript
•Understand reasons for deleting cases from your data

You will learn

✓ Why it is important to have a properly formatted questionnaire
✓ Nuances of different types of data collection – paper, online, archival, 3rd party, institutional, agency
✓ How to properly and accurately clean data in SPSS and Excel
✓ How and why to report the data cleaning process


• Intermediate understanding of and access to SPSS
• Fundamental understanding of social science research

This course is for

• Doctoral Students
• Early Career Researchers
• Undergraduate and Master’s Students Who Are Beginning to Conduct Independent Research
Psychologist, Consultant, Educator
My mission is to save you days and weeks of wasted time trying to navigate the complexities of academia and academic research.
If you are here, it is because you have a strong will to invest in yourself for a better tomorrow.  Whether you are an undergraduate student who wants to apply to grad school like a rock star or you are an early career professional who wishes to become an SPSS pro, my courses include something that will increase your academic and professional value.  And I want to be part of your success! 
My name is Dr. Todd Bottom, and by academic training I am a Community Psychologist, earning my Ph.D. from DePaul University in Chicago in 2014.  I published several peer-reviewed research articles during my doctoral studies, and one even before beginning graduate school.
I have worked in research and academics since 2007 and taught university psychology and statistics courses at DePaul University for three years.  More recently I worked in college institutional research and for a pharma research consulting firm.
In 2018 I left the job market to begin coaching and consulting graduate students students and other professional researchers to help them to accomplish their academic and professional goals more quickly.
Shortly after beginning that independent work I founded Research Learning Center, a division of Change Your Tomorrow Today.  This shift provided me with an opportunity to create many more valuable research materials such as these affordable online courses as a way to support an increased number of students and professionals.
My students now include over 1,200 ambitious learners just like you form 97 countries who speak 27 native languages.  I am thrilled to offer you these high-quality courses and look forward to having you as a student and being part of your research success!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 5h 58m
Language: English
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