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Spring Core Concepts

Spring Framework : Core Concepts, Dependency Injection, Bean Configuration, Autowiring, AOP, SpEL
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Table of contents


A comprehensive guide on Spring fundamentals. Whether you are a complete beginner on Spring Framework or an experience Spring developer, there are so many takeaways from this course.
It covers the following Spring concepts:-
Module 1: Course Overview
•What we need
•Target Audience
•Course Walkthrough
•What won’t be covered
•Module summary
Module 2:  Set up the development Environment
•Installing Java
•Installing Maven
•Installing – Spring Tool Suite
•Creating Maven Project in Spring Tool Suite
•Installing – Intellij IDEA
•Creating Maven Project in Intellij Idea
Module 3: Spring Core Introduction
•Spring Overview
•Spring History
•Spring Modules
•Dependency Management: Traditional Ways
•Dependency Management: Dependency Injection
•Concepts of POJO and Bean
•Inversion of Control: Spring IOC Container
•Bean Factory Interface
•ApplicationContext Interface
•Configuring beans: XML based, Annotation and Java Config configuration
•Module conclusion
Module 4: XML Based configuration
•Configuring POJOs with XML based configuration
•Setter based dependency Injection
•Constructor based dependency Injection
•Constructor vs Setter based Injections
•Circular dependencies
•Composing XML-based Configuration Metadata
•Referencing Other beans
•Inner Beans
•Handling Java Collections
•Merging Collections
Module 5: Autowiring
•Basics of Autowiring
•Autowiring Types,
•No Autowiring,
•Autowiring byName,
•Autowiring byType
•Autowiring constructor
•Issues with Autowiring
Module 6: Java Configuration
•Configuring beans with Java Configuration
•Component scan with @ComponentScan
•@Configuration and @Bean Annotation
•@Component, @Configuration, @Service and @Repository annotations
•Constructor Injection
•Autowiring POJOs
•@Primary Annotation
•@Qualifier Annotation
•Importing Configuration
•@Scope Annotation
•@Lazy Annotation
Module 7: Spring Beans in Depth
•Bean Life Cycle Callbacks
•@PostConstruct and @PreDestroy annotations
•Bean Scope
•Bean Post Processor
•POJO Creation with factory methods – Static factory, instance method and Spring factory bean
•Managing environments – @Profile annotation
•Spring Aware Interfaces
Module 8: Spring Aspect-Oriented Programming
•AOP Introduction
•Core AOP Concepts
•What is Aspect?
•What is Advice?
•AOP Proxy
•AspectJ and @EnableAspectJAutoProxy annotation
•Advice Annotations: @Before, @After, @AfterReturing, @AfterThrowing, @Around
•@Before and @After Annotation
•@AfterReturning Annotation
•@AfterThrowing Annotation
Module 9: Spring Task Executor
•Introduction to Java Executor, ExecutorService
•Runnable, Callable and Future
•Threadpool – Fixed thread pool, Cached thread pool, Single thread executor, scheduled thread pool executor
•Spring TaskExecutor
•Spring SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor
•Spring SyncTaskExecutor
•Spring TaskExecutorAdapter
Module 10: Communication between Beans – ApplicationEvent Management
•ApplicationListener Interface
Module 11: Conclusion
•Source Code
•Course Summary

You will learn

✓ Spring Framework Core Concepts
✓ Spring History
✓ Environment Set up in STS and IntelliJ Idea
✓ Spring Dependency Injection
✓ Configuring Spring IoC Container through XML configuration
✓ Configuring Spring IoC Container through Java annotation configuration
✓ Spring Bean Autowiring – ByName, ByType, Constructor
✓ Spring Bean Life Cycle Callbacks, Bean Post Processor,
✓ Spring Aspect Oriented Programming, Concept of AOP, Aspect, Advice, Join Point, Pointcut, Different Advise types
✓ Spring Task Executor – SyncTaskExecutor, SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor, TaskExecutorAdapter
✓ Spring Bean Communication – ApplicationEvent, ApplicationListener, ContextClosedEvent, ContextRefreshedEvent, ApplicationEventPublisherAware, @EventListener


• Core Java Knowledge
• Basic understanding of Maven (Optional)

This course is for

• Core Java Developers
• Anyone interested to learn Spring Framework fundamentals
• Quick refresher for experience Spring developers
Book Author || Technical Architect || Developer
I am Somnath and I am designing and developing Java applications since last 10 years in banking and integration domain. I am a computer science graduate and have worked extensively in Java EE stack specifically concurrent application design, Spring framework.
I am a Oracle Certified Java Professional and Oracle Certified Associate.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 8h 42m
Language: English
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