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Spiritual Protection & Energy Cleansing Rituals

Raise your vibration and create Spiritual protection & empowerment in your life
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In this course you will learn how to create Spiritual Protection in your life by powerfully shifting your mindset, raising your vibration, utilising energy cleansing tools and learning Sacred rituals including working with Crystals and Aromatherapy.
The course starts with creating INSTANT protection in your life by shifting your mindset and creating healthy energetic boundaries. You will learn practices for how to balance your sensitivity, how to clear energy cords, prevent energy depletion and align to your Heart and Soul to create energetic balance and alignment.
You will be learn how to utilise 7 powerful energy cleansing rituals that are your MUST HAVE tools for anyone who is on the Spiritual path, who is energetically sensitive or is need of energy protection and raising your Soul vibration.
You will then learn more advanced rituals and practices for clearing your energy and raising your vibration. You will learn how to use Aromatherapy and Crystals for Spiritual protection, you will also learn how to create an Aromatherapy Spray, Crystal Elixir and 3 powerful Moon rituals you can do from home to cleanse your energy, release negativity and align to the Universe.
For this course you will be taught by Melissa Habibi, an experienced Soul Healer, Spiritual Business Coach and certified Crystal Healer with 10+ years experience who has worked with and supported many clients on their Soul’s healing and enlightenment journey.

You will learn

✓ How to INSTANTLY protect yourself by shifting your mindset and vibration
✓ How to balance your sensitivity and be less impacted by outside energies
✓ How to clear energy cords, disconnect from negativity and prevent energy depletion
✓ How to raise your vibration and set boundaries so that you can awaken your Spiritual Power
✓ How to align to your Heart and Soul so you can stay balanced, centred & grounded
✓ How to work with the Higher powers and Universe in support of your journey
✓ Learn 7 powerful Energy Cleansing Tools to stay vibrating HIGH
✓ How to work with Aromatherapy and Crystals for Spiritual Protection and Energy Revitalisation
✓ How to create an Energy Cleansing & Protection Aromatherapy Spray
✓ How to create a Crystal Elixir for Protection and Energy Support
✓ Learn 3 simple yet powerful Moon rituals you can do from home to cleanse your energy, release negativity and align to the Universe


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• A great course for Spiritual beginners looking to get started with the 1-1 tools, mindset and rituals to keep your life, energy and consciousness HIGH VIBE!
Soul Healer, Priestess & Spiritual Purpose Coach
Melissa Habibi is a Soul Healer, Magdalene Priestess & Spiritual Purpose Coach. She offers 1-1 Soul Healing & Wisdom Teachings to support you to powerfully heal your Soul, awaken your Soul’s purpose, become an Empowered Healer and create a successful Soul-fulfilled Life.
She has been on the conscious Spiritual & Soul journey for almost 15 years and after training in many healing modalities and working with clients from all over the globe she has created her signature Soul Formula process and 1-1 Soul Programmes to support you to BLAST through your fears, blocks and limitations and ACCELERATE your Soul’s journey so that you can MANIFEST your Destiny and live a successful Soul-fulfilled life with freedom, joy, wisdom and Divine light.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 13m
Language: English
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